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What is Java Access Bridge and how do I install it?


Java Access Bridge is a technology that exposes the Java Accessibility API to Microsoft Windows, enabling Assistive Technologies like SuperNova to successfully interact with Java based programs. The Java Accessibility API is part of the Java Accessibility Utilities toolkit.

In order for SuperNova to provide access to Java applications, SuperNova needs some way to communicate with Java Accessibility Utilities. Java Access Bridge supports this communication, providing the pathway between the Java program and SuperNova.

To learn more about Java Access Bridge and to find instructions on downloading and installing this utility, please select the following link:

Install Java Access Bridge

Once Java Access Bridge is installed, you then need to tell SuperNova to use the Java Accessibility Map file with your Java application, for example, Matlab.

To do this:

  1. Run the Java application and ensure it has the current focus.
  2. Press LEFT CONTROL + SPACEBAR. The SuperNova Control Panel opens.
  3. Press ALT + F. The "File" menu opens with the "New" menu item selected.
  4. RIGHT ARROW to open the sub-menu, then DOWN ARROW to "Map" and press ENTER. The "Select Map File" dialog box opens.
  5. Use the Arrow Keys to select the "Use an existing map file" option, then TAB into the list of map files and select "Java Accessibility".
  6. TAB to the "OK" button and press SPACEBAR. SuperNova associates the map file with the Java application. You need to only do this process once.

Now you are ready to use the Java application.

Note: At the point of this article's creation, the version of Java Access Bridge is v2.02 and the SuperNova Java Accessibility Map file is v1.05.

Information for programmers on the Java Accessibility API is available from the following web page: Java Accessibility API Guide from Oracle.



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