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How select a group of files in Guide


Within Guide you can select multiple files in one go, for example a common query is how to delete all of the deleted emails from the deleted emails box.

There are 2 ways to do this.

Select All:

When in the folder where you would like all the files to be selected hold down the left control key located in the bottom left hand corner of the keyboard and while It is held in press the A key, now release the control key. Guide should announce that all files have been selected. Visually on the screen it should put an x in square brackets to the left of the selected options.

Now that the files are selected you can proceed, for example if you wish to delete them press the delete, or you wish to play the files, for example in a CD you can press enter.

Selecting Certain Files:

To select multiple files go to the list of where the files are located and highlight the file you wish to select first by using the up and down arrows keys, once the file is highlighted press the space bar, now it will announce the file is selected and the x ins square brackets should be located to the left of the file name, you can select multiple files through this method.

If you select an incorrect file you can deselect it by pressing space again.

You can combine these 2 methods as well, for example if you have a folder with 10 files in and you want to delete 9 of these files. You can do Ctrl + A to select all the files then space on the file you wish to keep to unselect it.


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