Topic: Dolphin Pen Interceptor does not display magnifier buttons at the Windows 7 logon screen

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After installing the latest Dolphin interceptor package to give Dolphin Pen users access to workstations, the logon screen does not display the magnification buttons and there is no “Startup Preferences” option in the Control Panel to enable this.


You can enable the Logon screen magnification feature on a workstation. To do this:

1. Open a command prompt window and navigate to where you downloaded and extracted the Dolphin Interceptor and Auto start package, for example C:\DolphinInterceptor1201

2. Navigate into the "Interceptor" folder

3. Run the following two commands:

doleoaclient.exe -kSupernova1206 -l00044 -settings
doleoaclient.exe" kSupernova1206 -l00044 -settings -Logon

4. Restart the computer. The magnification buttons should now display at the Windows logon screen.


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