Chapter List

You can use Books to open the following file formats:

  1. Text files
  2. EPUB files
  3. DAISY files
  4. HTML files
  5. PDF files

These file types all open in the SuperNova Reader.

To open a file from the SuperNova Control Panel:

  1. Press ALT + M. The Media menu opens.
  2. DOWN ARROW to Books and RIGHT ARROW. A submenu opens.
  3. DOWN ARROW to Open File In Reader and press ENTER. The Open dialog box opens.

The books submenu with open file in reader highlighted

By default, the explorer window shows PDF documents present in the folder. If you want to open alternative file types you must change the file type setting.

To change the file type setting:

  1. SHIFT + TAB into the file list, use the Arrow Keys to select the file and then press ENTER.
  2. If the file is in a different folder, use BACKSPACE to go one level up and use ENTER to open folders until you select the file and then press ENTER. A dialog box opens giving you the chance to change the name of the converted file and, if relevant, specify particular page ranges. If you wish to make changes to the default settings, TAB through the dialog box and make the changes.
  3. When done, TAB to the OK button and press SPACEBAR. A message window opens showing the progress of the conversion.
  4. When the conversion is complete the book opens in the SuperNova Reader.

When you have finished reading the text, press ALT + F4 to close the window.