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Colour schemes configure menuExercise 1

Spend no more than 10 minutes adjusting the colour settings in Visual > Colour Scheme >Configure… >


  • Replacing instances of one colour with a different colour
  • Test a variety of pre-defined colour schemes
  • Apply a colour tint to the screen
  • Invert the brightness of the screen

Trainer tip: Colour schemes and highlighting options can be different for each application and turn themselves on and off automatically as the user switches between running programs. Find out more about this in the module “Application and Situation Settings”.

Exercise 2

Scenario: I use SuperNova to help me work in my word processor but recently I am finding viewing the black text on a white background increasingly tiring.

Is it possible to change the white background to a light grey? Note that I am not permitted to change my Windows settings because other colleagues use this computer too.

Can you help me?

Exercise: Run SuperNova and run WordPad. Type some sample text.

Can you use the SuperNova Colour Scheme options to replace the white text background with a light grey colour?

Exercise 3

Spend no more than 10 minutes changing the settings in the "Highlighting Options" dialog box.

Consider the benefits using Highlighting offers and the flexibility the "Show" options provide when creating a custom Highlighting Scheme.

Trainer Tip: You can set Highlighting to show on a hot key. The hot key is LEFT CONTROL + LEFT SHIFT + BACKSLASH. You can change the behaviour of the hot key through the Visual Advanced Options.

You can set Highlighting to show until the hot key is pressed again or until the hot key is released.

Exercise 4

Spend no more than 10 minutes reviewing the Mouse Pointers settings.


  • Choosing an existing scheme
  • Creating a new scheme
  • Selecting the "Use custom pointer size" check box and note the effect this has on the size of the mouse pointer when increasing the level of magnification