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Menu: Visual > Advanced Options > Magnifier

Visual Advanced Options menu

Font Smoothing Options

Font smoothing improves the legibility of the text on the screen when you use magnification. Options include:

  • None radio button

Choose “None” to turn off Font Smoothing.

  • Standard radio button

Choose "Standard" for basic font smoothing. Use this option if you are experiencing performance issues using True Fonts.

  • True Fonts radio button.

Choose "True Fonts" for perfect clarity at all magnification sizes. You may wish to experiment with the True Font Settings if you are using a magnification size of 3x or lower or you are using an LCD monitor.

You can switch between "None", "Standard" and "True Fonts" by using a SuperNova hot key.

Magnifier Hot Keys

Function Desktop - Default NumPad Set

Laptop - Universal Set

Font Smoothing


No Assignment

True Fonts Settings

  • Standard radio button.

Using "Standard" renders text in a non- antialiased mode. This is the default and fastest method, especially when using a magnification size of 4x or greater.

  • Antialiased radio button.

This setting renders the text and smooth's the text edges. If you experience jagged effects using True Fonts at a low magnification size then you should select this option.

Note that True Fonts is unavailable if you are using a different vertical and horizontal magnification ratio. You can independently change the vertical and horizontal magnification size by deselecting the "Lock Aspect" check box in the "Visual Advanced Options" dialog box.