Mozilla Firefox is a web browsing program developed by Mozilla. Firefox enables you to open webpages, stream online content and download files from the Internet. Firefox provides good keyboard accessibility and is a Dolphin recommended browser.

You can confirm which web browsing program you are using by reading the text in the title bar at the top of your browser's window. The name of the browser appears appended to the current webpage name, for example, "My webpage name – Mozilla Firefox".

If you require assistance reading the title bar, then you can use the "Where Am I" hotkey to say the title of your current window.


  • NUMPAD 7, if you are using the Desktop Default hotkey set.
  • CAPS LOCK + PAGE UP, if you are using the Laptop Universal hotkey set.

If you discover you are not using Mozilla Firefox, then please switch to the appropriate tutorial for your web browser. You can find tutorials for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on the Dolphin Product Support Online Learning webpage.