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Before you begin navigating the Teams main interface, it is worth spending time ensuring you have a clear image of the Teams main layout.

Main elements

The Teams main interface has the following four main elements:

  • A horizontal menu bar at the top of the screen, which contains back and forward buttons and a search box. You can easily access the search box at any time by pressing CONTROL + E. You can use the search box to quickly search for contacts, change your status and much more.
  • A vertical toolbar on the left side of the screen, which enables you to change Views and access any additional installed apps. The default Views include Activity, Chat, Teams, Calendar, Calls and Files. You can use the UP and DOWN ARROW keys to move between the items. Teams also contains keyboard commands that enable you to quickly switch between Views, which are outlined below.
  • A main content area in the centre of the screen, which consists of two elements: a list pane and a content pane. You can use TAB, SHIFT + TAB and the Arrow Keys to navigate the controls within this region.

To cycle through the horizontal menu bar, the vertical toolbar, the list pane of the main content area, and finally the content pane of the main content area, press CONTROL + F6. It is also worth noting that you are not restricted to a particular region of the user interface when using the TAB key.

Switch Views with keyboard commands

As mentioned above, you can switch directly to a View using a keyboard command.

To do this:

  • Press CONTROL + 1 to go to the Activity View. The Activity View contains a summary of recent updates relating to your activities.
  • Press CONTROL + 2 to go to the Chat View. The Chat View contains a list of your recent messages and enables you to select and respond to recent chats, make audio, and video calls.
  • Press CONTROL + 3 to go to the Team View. The Team View lists your team’s activity, grouped into the projects, called channels, in which you are a participant. You can change channel, contribute to the discussion, and add or leave a channel or team.
  • Press CONTROL + 4 to go to the Calendar View. The Calendar View enables you to schedule a meeting, join a meeting and review upcoming meetings.
  • Press CONTROL + 5 to go to the Calls View. The Calls View enables you to directly call your contacts, view your call history and retrieve your voice mail. Note that this feature is not available in all regions.
  • Press CONTROL + 6 to go to the Files View. The Files View enables you to open your personal files and view the files shared by your Teams. Note, if your region does not support Calls View, then you can access this View by pressing CONTROL + 5.

When performing the above keyboard commands, please ensure you use the RIGHT CONTROL Key to avoid any hotkey conflicts with the SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader keyboard commands.

If you are unable to use the RIGHT CONTROL key and encounter a hotkey conflict, then do the following:

  1. Repeat the keyboard command to ensure you reset the SuperNova or Dolphin ScreenReader function back to its previous state.
  2. Press the "Pass next key to application" hotkey. If you are using the Default NumPad hotkey set, press LEFT CONTROL + 7. If you are using the Laptop Universal hotkey set, press CAPS LOCK + 3. SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader will say "Allow through".
  3. Press the Teams keyboard command.

Tip: The "Pass next key to application" command temporarily disables the SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader hotkeys until the next keypress is completed. Once pressed, SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader hotkeys will become active again.