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SuperNova Connect & Learn Webinar (04.07.22)

30 minutes
Audience: All
Products: All

We invite you to join us for a short, informative webinar that demonstrates how SuperNova Connect & Learn helps students with low vision to access learning and reach their full potential in class.

In this webinar, Dave Salisbury introduces the SuperNova Connect & Learn package and demonstrates how it helps students in class.

You will find out how SuperNova Connect & Learn is used to:
- Magnify class handouts
- Scan, read and annotate paper documents
- Magnify the whiteboard in class
- Magnify and apply colour schemes in Microsoft Office
- Use magnification and speech settings to research online
- Access and read textbooks through RNIB Bookshare

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your own student's requirements.

This webinar is perfect for:
- Teachers
- Lecturers
- Teaching Assistants
It is also useful for sensory support staff, disability officers, disability support teams, head teachers and parents of students with visual impairments.