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Textbooks that talk! Free app & online library for SEND students of ALL ages (2 Nov)

30 minutes
Audience: Education
Product: EasyReader

This webinar is for you if you teach or support students:
- In UK primary, secondary, further or higher education
- Who are blind or partially sighted
- With a neurodiverse condition such as dyslexia, autism or ADHD
- Who would benefit from access to over half a million accessible textbooks

If your school, college or university supports learners who are disabled, neurodiverse or print impaired – we can show you how they can access the curriculum and all textbooks in accessible, digital formats. For free!
In this webinar, Stacy Scott from RNIB introduces the RNIB Bookshare Education Collection and Steve Bennett from Dolphin demonstrates how to use the EasyReader App.

The RNIB Bookshare Education Collection contains over 750,000 textbooks in electronic format. It’s a free service for UK schools, colleges and universities supporting print-disabled learners.

The EasyReader App enables readers to download and read digital versions of books. With this free app, students can customise their reading experience – changing to dyslexia-friendly fonts, increasing text size, adjusting colour schemes and voice settings - to suit their individual preferences and needs.

In this short webinar, you’ll find out:
- Which students can use RNIB Bookshare
- The range of textbooks available
- Where to get the free EasyReader App
- How EasyReader supports neurodiverse students
- How EasyReader supports learners with visual impairments

We recommend this webinar for:
- Teachers and Teaching Assistants
- Lecturers and Tutors
- SENCo’s and SEND Teachers
- Specialist Dyslexia Teachers
- Specialist Support Workers
- Pastoral Support Teams