Terminology changes in version 11

To help make Dolphin Access software even easier to use we've changed the names of some features and controls for the release of version 11. To help you recognise these items here is a list of the old and new names and a definition, click on the links to find out more about a feature:

  • Dolphin Cursor (was Virtual Focus)
    Dolphin Cursor is a screen reader function that allows keyboard access where no focus is provided by the application or operating system.
  • Forms Mode (was Interactive Mode)
    When you press the Forms Mode hot key, your screen reader will move the focus in your application to the control you are on, then switch to tracking the Windows focus.
  • Auto Forms Mode (was Auto Interactive Mode)
    When Auto Forms mode is enabled, you will be automatically be able to interact with form controls when you TAB onto a field. This enables you to fill in forms more easily, without the constant need to manually enter Forms Mode on each input field.
  • Read from Here (was Document Read)
    Speaks the content of the current document or Window starting from the current cursor or focus position. Read from Here Reads continuously until the end of the document or Window is reached, or until the user decides to stop the reading.
  • Click and Read from Here (was Click and Document Read)
    Read from Here is started and stopped with a key press. It can also be controlled by a click of your mouse. With "Click and Read from Here" you simply position your mouse pointer where you want to start reading and then press your middle mouse button. Pressing the middle mouse pointer again will then stop reading.
  • Enhance Read from Here (was Enhanced Document Read)
    With "Enhance Read from Here" enabled, the standard Read from Here function will be enhanced by a magnified window displaying the text that is read. This will appear as moving text without line breaks along the top of the screen.
  • Item Finder (was List Utility)
    The Item Finder s a single window that can be opened to show a list of specific items found inside the current application window. The list can be sorted and items can have actions performed upon them, for example, a link found in a list of links can have a left or right click action performed upon it.
  • On / Off (was Enable)
    "Enable" options now reflect current state of the option, i.e. Voice ON, voice OFF, Magnifier ON, Magnifier OFF etc.
  • Magnifier (was Magnification)
  • Size (was Factor)
    Use this setting to choose the magnification size.You can choose a magnification size between 2x (twice the normal size) and 60x (60 times the normal size).
  • Magnifier View (was Style)
    This controls the type of the magnified window.
  • Colour Scheme (was Colour Changer)
  • Magnifying Glass (was Lens)
    This magnifies a region in the same way as Fixed Window, except that the magnified window moves as well as its contents. It closely simulates the effect that you would get if you had a real magnifying glass held in front of the screen.
  • Resizing Glass (was Auto Lens)
    Resizing Glass works in the same way as the Magnifying Glass, except that the magnified window will automatically resize itself to the size of the current focus whenever the current focus changes. If the current focus is too big the magnified window will be restricted to the size of the screen.
  • Highlighting (was Focus highlighting)
    Allows you to highlight the current foci position. You can choose from a wide selection of different highlight styles and colours for each of the different foci types.
  • Hooked Areas (was Hooks)
    Allows you to hook areas of the real screen and put them into one or more permanently displayed magnified windows. This lets you keep an eye on important information that may frequently change as you use your application.
  • General (new item)
    General refers to features that apply globally - i.e. settings which are global and not application specific; General Preferences, etc.
  • Web Page Settings (was Document Settings)
    Settings that can be applied to individual websites or web pages.
  • Read in Columns if Present (was Detect Columns / Column Detection Mode)
    This setting controls how columns of text are read out. When this option is selected, only text in the current column will be read out as you cursor through your document. This also affects what order a document window will be read out in if you press the read control key or the document read key. It also affects the order in which the text is displayed in line view mode.
  • Keyboard Announcements (was Keyboard / Keyboard Speech)
    If you press a key on your keyboard and nothing happens then SuperNova will simply announce the key that has been pressed.