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Last Updated: 20/10/20

This policy has been developed in conjunction with our privacy policy to enable you to make informed choices about which cookies are installed on your browser whilst using this website. Cookies have many purposes including those strictly necessary to enable you to purchase an item to those that are needed for us improve the usability of our website. From this page you can choose which types of cookies are enabled on your browsing sessions and your choices can be changed at any time be turning your selection to ‘Off’.

You will be notified of any material changed to this policy via a pop-up when you next access the website after the change. Minor changes will not be notified in this way so it is recommended that you review this policy regularly to ensure you accept its contents.

Terms used in this policy:

  • Cookies – These are text files that are placed and stored on the hard drive of the device you are using to browse the internet
  • Session – The period of time you are browsing the website. As soon as you close the tab or browser that session will end and a new one will start when you return to the website
  • Third-Party Cookies – These are cookies that are set by a website other than the one you are currently visiting

Necessary Cookies

These cookies are wholly necessary for the functioning of this website and as such you are unable to disable them via this page. If you choose to delete them via your internet browser you may find some website functionality is compromised. The table below details the name of the cookie, its purpose and how long it will remain active on your browser.





Session functionality, including chosen country and the account you’re logged in as

Session (when you close the tab)


Remembers whether or not you agreed to our cookie policy

1 week

Analytical & Marketing Cookies

The broad purpose of analytical cookies are to better understand how our website is being used. We are then able to use this information to improve our website content and navigation flows appropriately. We also use some marketing cookies to showcase relevant content we think you might be interested in. To do this we use cookies created by third-parties, further information on which can be found in the table below including links to the third-party provider’s cookie policies. You can change whether you allow analytical and marketing cookies to be placed on your device at any time by amending the toggle box above.

Please note this is not an exhaustive list and may be subject to change.

Example Cookie Names

Third Party

General Purpose




Alexa Analytics Used to track and report website usage information to Alexa Analytics

Privacy Policy



Hubspot Helps us to provide relevant content to people who have visited our website

Privacy Policy



Google Analytics Analysing website traffic and user flow to improve our website for visitors

Privacy Policy

Other Third Party Cookies

To further enhance the user experience we use links and content from third-parties, which may also place a cookie on your device in addition to those mentioned above. Disabling these types of cookies can be done in your browser’s settings or sometimes within the settings of the third-party’s site or application itself. Detailed below are the names of the third-parties we connect with in this way and links to their privacy policies.

If you choose to disable these cookies you may need to log in again to the third party site if you were previously logged in. The core functionality of our website is not hindered by disabling these cookies.

Third Party

Content / Purpose



Dolphin’s product videos are run using YouTube. The cookies set by YouTube help to facilitate your usage such as remembering the last video you watched, suggesting similar ones and syncing between devices

Privacy Policy


These cookies are only used when access is required to the Beta Tester Forum. They are wholly necessary to allow you to login

Privacy Policy


Relevant advertising when browsing Facebook after visiting this site

Privacy Policy


Relevant advertising when browsing Linkedin after visiting this site

Privacy Policy