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Open a world of accessible books

Open a World of Accessible Books

EasyReader is a free app which makes reading more accessible for readers who are visually impaired, have a neurodiverse condition such as dyslexia or any other print impairment. 

Sign in to your favourite talking book libraries to find, download and read accessible books for leisure and learning.

With EasyReader, you can customise your reading experience: adjust and magnify text, change colour schemes, synchronise text with speech or use the speech settings alone to listen to books.

You can study or read for pleasure in ways that suit your vision and your reading preferences. 

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Download EasyReader Apps

EasyReader is available on a wide range of devices including iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Amazon Kindle Fire tablets and Chromebooks. 

Download the EasyReader App - free from your usual app store - and follow the simple instructions to install it on your device.

Install the EasyReader App for Windows across a school network with the EasyReader Network Installation Package

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Access Talking Book Libraries

When you use EasyReader on a smartphone, tablet or PC, it links you to the world’s largest collection of accessible libraries and talking newspaper stands. 

Simply login to your library accounts to browse, read or listen to bestsellers, classics and textbooks. EasyReader also provides access to talking newspaper and magazines services around the world.  

Please note that membership is required for all talking book libraries. You can usually set these up through the library websites. Each of the libraries listed in EasyReader has website details within the app to help with this.

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with Premium features and services for Students, Book Libraries and App Developers

EasyReader Webinars

Dolphin runs regular webinars in partnership with talking book libraries such as Calibre Audio and RNIB Bookshare. Find out which webinars are coming soon, and register your interest to learn more.

Webinars are perfect for educational staff and EasyReader users to help you get the most out of EasyReader. 

These short online sessions also provide opportunities to ask questions and obtain additional training on Dolphin EasyReader products, so you can feel confident using and recommending EasyReader.  

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