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About EasyReader Premium

EasyReader Premium synchronised on a laptop and smartphone

About EasyReader Premium

An EasyReader Premium subscription unlocks extra features in the EasyReader App to enhance your reading experience.
Available in two subscription types: 
Whether you read for leisure or learning, EasyReader Premium provides access to a wider range of reading material. You can use it to read in a range of formats, across all your devices.

EasyReader Premium Features

EasyReader Premium Personal Subscription

Personal Subscription

Wherever you are in the world, an EasyReader Premium Personal Subscription means you get more from EasyReader App.

It synchronizes your personalised settings, library logins, book lists, bookmarks and notes across all your devices. Simply close the app on one device and open in another to continue reading where you left off.

New Premium features also enable you to use EasyReader App on your Mac, read text-based PDFs and read files from Google Classroom or Microsoft Education - all with enhanced accessibility.

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Buy a Personal Subscription

$30 per year

An EasyReader Premium Personal Subscription means you get more from EasyReader App, to ensure your reading experience is truly accessible.

Use anywhere, on any eligible device, to take advantage of all the additional features EasyReader Premium provides.

Price displayed excludes tax. EasyReader Premium Personal Subscriptions are available worldwide. Instructions for use are currently in English only.

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EasyReader Premium Education Subscription

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Education Subscription

Show your commitment to accessibility in education with an EasyReader Premium Education Subscription.

It empowers young people to read and study in ways that suit their individual needs and learning style.

Students can access enhanced accessibility features in the EasyReader App through EasyReader Premium, in class and at home.

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Buy an Education Subscription

From $120 per year

Provide your students with new education-focused features in the EasyReader App, with an EasyReader Premium Education Subscription.

It enables staff to create EasyReader Premium logins for all students in their setting who would benefit from accessible ways to read and learn.

Exclusive to schools, colleges and universities in the USA, Canada, UK and Sweden. Price shown excludes VAT.

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Additional information and training

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Product Training

Ensure you get the most value from your EasyReader Premium subscription with our informative product training.

We offer video tutorials, webinars, helpful articles and product manuals to help you get more from EasyReader App, your Premium subscription and our library partners.

We also offer an EasyReader for Education Professionals course in the Dolphin Learning Zone.

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EasyReader Premium Personal Subscription is available worldwide.

Education Subscription is exclusive to the USA, Canada, UK and Sweden.

EasyReader Premium included with SMA

If you use SuperNova or ScreenReader and have an active Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA), an EasyReader Premium Personal Subscription is now included, without further charge.

Sign in to EasyReader App for Windows in your SuperNova or ScreenReader control panel to activate your free EasyReader Premium Personal Subscription.

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All the benefits of the EasyReader App

With a Premium subscription, you can install and use EasyReader App on as many devices as you like, and use it seamlessly across them all.

With EasyReader Premium, you continue to benefit from accessibility features in the free EasyReader App, including:

  • Direct access to over 40 accessible libraries
  • A personal reading experience, customised to your preferences
  • Adjustable magnification, speech and colour schemes
  • Availability on a wide range of devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Amazon Kindle Fire and Chromebooks.

Download EasyReader App on your device using the buttons below.

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Compare EasyReader Range

EasyReader App

Customise your reading experience:

  • Connect to over 40 libraries
  • Read on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Chromebook and Windows devices
  • Enlarge text and customise fonts
  • Customise colour schemes
  • Adjust letter and line spacing
  • Add bookmarks and notes
  • Read audio books or text-to-speech
  • Read with synchronised text and speech
  • Highlight words as they are read aloud
  • Adjust reading speed and pronunciation
  • Connect to a braille display

Available worldwide.

EasyReader Premium
Personal Subscription

$30 per year

All features in EasyReader App, plus:

  • Synchronisation across devices for:
    • Library logins and book lists
    • Font, colour and speech settings
    • Reading positions and bookmarks
    • Notes and clipboard text
  • Choose additional reading voices
  • Access EasyReader App on Mac
  • Read text-based PDF documents
  • Read files in Google Classroom
  • Read files in Microsoft Education
  • Priority email support

Available worldwide.
Price shown includes VAT.

EasyReader Premium
Education Subscription

From $120 per year

All features in EasyReader Premium Personal Subscription, plus:

  • Manage student logins
  • Create student logins for individuals
  • Register whole school domain
  • Online training for educators

Exclusive to schools, colleges and universities in:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Sweden

Price shown excludes VAT.