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Dolphin Scripting Services

Use Dolphin expertise to enhance the accessibility and usability of your application.

Dolphin Scripting

Dolphin offers bespoke scripting services to enhance usability and accessibility of existing third-party applications.

With Dolphin scripting, it's possible to:

  • Call magnification, speech and braille functions from a single script
  • Generate custom dialogs
  • Simplify development with the integrated development environment
  • Protect your intellectual property with secure encryption
  • Manage translation to dozens of languages with prompt files.

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Software developer working on her multi-display PC, software code is displayed on the screens.
Unseen user working on a laptop with programming code displayed onscreen.

Benefits of Dolphin Scripting

Dolphin Scripting offers many benefits to developers and the end user of your application. With Dolphin expertise, you can:

  • Simplify access with magnification, speech and braille in a single script, to serve clients with different levels of sight.
  • Create scripts for SuperNova Magnifier or Screen Reader editions. These can be extended to include other screen access methods if the users' visual needs change.
  • Simplify or automate processes to improve efficiency for end users.

Dolphin Scripting dovetails with Dolphin’s Mapping system. This unique interface is used to train and prioritise the Dolphin SuperNova Windows, UIA, MSAA and Shape detection systems.

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“Dolphin Scripting is fantastic and now there is no limit to what I can read.
With Scripting, I am able to do my job faster and read in the way that I want.”

Ed Pourtahmasbi, Project Management Specialist at Accenture.

Dolphin Scripting Support

Dolphin scripts are created using Lua: a non-proprietary, open source scripting language.

Lua is easily adopted by script writers. As a Lua scripter you will be part of a well-established community that is supported with online forums, Lua books and utilities.

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Lua logo displayed on a laptop screen.
Typing on a laptop, programming code is displayed on screen.

Scripting Consultations

Dolphin also offers scripting consultations. Contact us for a quote to arrange an appointment with our development team. If you're based in the UK we can also arrange a visit to your site to discuss your project.

The consultation will determine how we can help with your project and discussing next steps. These may include creating a map or a script for your application, to improve its accessibility for your clients and customers with visual impairments.

Contact us for more details or to arrange an appointment.

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