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Talking Book Libraries

Dolphin has the technology, expertise and experience to make your talking book library a success.

How Dolphin Supports Talking Book Libraries

With Dolphin you can add your own library to the EasyReader App libraries list, digitise your existing library to make all your books accessible on smartphones, tablets and PCs, or record your own talking books for publication.

Dolphin has the tech to help you:

  • Reach more readers through EasyReader App.
  • Build your own library app with Powered by EasyReader.
  • Narrate, record and publish talking books with Dolphin Publisher, or
  • Create accessible text-to-speech versions of books with Dolphin Publisher.
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Smartphone with EasyReader libraries list displayed on screen

Libraries and EasyReader App

Dolphin expertise supports your library to be more accessible. Partner with Dolphin to make your library available to read on EasyReader App and it will also be added to the EasyReader Libraries List.

The EasyReader Libraries List is a directory of accessible book collections, chosen by notable libraries around the world - including RNIB Library, Vision Australia, Bookshare and CELA. With EasyReader, your library can reach a global audience.

The EasyReader App is free for your library members to use on Windows, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Chromebook devices in addition to devices from our assistive technology partners, including Humanware.

Contact us to find out how to add your library to EasyReader App.

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Your App - Powered by EasyReader

Work in partnership with the Dolphin technical team to develop and maintain your talking library app. Dolphin has the experience and expertise you need to save you time and money.

When you use Powered by EasyReader, your library is digitally accessible to more people. Your apps are available to thousands of new members and you can be confident it’s fully accessible for readers with vision impairments or print impairments such as dyslexia. 

With Powered by EasyReader, Dolphin integrates your library branding and API into your app. Regular updates mean your library members always have the latest innovations, and you can support your library members through your app.

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Woman recording a talking book using a microphone and laptop.

Dolphin Publisher

Use Dolphin Publisher to create, edit and distribute digital audio books for readers with visual impairments, neurodiverse conditions and other print impairments.

Record audio with professional narrators, or create digitised versions using human-sounding, synthesised speech. Dolphin Publisher ensures your books are fully compliant with DAISY and EPUB3 standards.

Dolphin Publisher is a proven solution, used by book producers all over the world, as well as talking book libraries, educational and transcription services.

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At Dolphin, we are keen to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to read in the way that suits them.

When books and reading are accessible, it means everyone can share in the success and joy reading brings.

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Dolphin runs regular webinars in partnership with talking book libraries such as Calibre Audio and RNIB Bookshare.

When you become an EasyReader partner and your library is listed on the EasyReader App, we would be happy to run webinars to promote your library and show your users how to use EasyReader to access talking books from your library.

These online sessions provide opportunities for readers to ask questions and obtain additional information about your library.

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Product Demonstrations

To gain a better understanding of Dolphin software and see our assistive technology in action, book a free demonstration of any Dolphin product.

You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, take a tour of the products you're interested in and find out more from our assistive technology experts. Book a demo now to find out more.

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