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Developer Services

Integrate Dolphin expertise and technology into your own products
and make them accessible for people with visual impairments.

Woman using a self service kiosk with large magnified text on screen.

SuperNova Kiosks

Work with Dolphin accessibility experts to make your existing self service kiosks accessible for people with a range of visual impairments.

Dolphin assistive technology empowers your business to reach its accessibility goals. It supports users who are blind and partially sighted to independently explore your kiosk screens with touchscreen magnification and screen reading.

With SuperNova Kiosks, more customers, clients and visitors can access your business.

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EasyReader Development Kit

Assistive technology developers have access to the EasyReader Development Kit. This enables developers to embed accessible reading into their own solution.

This includes access to talking book libraries around the world and an accessible book reader that users can customise to suit their own sight and reading requirements.

  EasyReader Development Kit  

EasyReader Development Kit
Developer working on a multi-display PC with programming code displayed on screens.

Dolphin Scripting

Enhance the accessibility and usability of your applications for people with visual impairments.

Use Dolphin Scripting to generate custom dialogs, simplify development, protect your IP and manage translation into different languages.

In addition, Dolphin also offers scripting consultations to improve the accessibility of your project for people who are blind or partially sighted. Contact us for more details and to arrange an appointment.

  About Dolphin Scripting  

"Screen readers traditionally don't support Project applications. So when I heard Dolphin did Scripting, I was all over it! This is fantastic, now there is no limit to what can be read."

Ed Pourtahmasbi, Project Management Specialist at Accenture

Synthesiser Access Manager SDK

Synthesiser Access Manager (SAM) is a software component developed by Dolphin for use in SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader. SAM software enables you to share speech and braille devices between self-voicing applications. You code once and support dozens of devices. Bypass SuperNova and take complete control of speech and braille output.

  • Output to dozens of refreshable braille displays and text to speech synthesisers (TTS) direct from your application.
  • Serial, USB and Bluetooth braille devices are all supported.
  • Includes hardware and software TTS drivers such as SAPI4 and SAPI5
  • Supports OneCore voices included with Windows 10 and 11
  • Respond to button presses from a braille display
  • Control the appearance of specific braille dots for unique purposes
  • For example: a flashing dot in a certain position could correspond with an incoming telephone call on a switchboard line.
  • Example SAM drivers for use as templates to support new devices
  • Established and reliable system used in various sectors for 25 years.

Book an appointment to discuss your project and find out how Synthesiser Access Manager can benefit your team.

  SAM Enquiry  

Illustration of a braille display with a curly bracket icon on the screen

“SAM is the only product I've found that supports as many different types of braille displays with this level of flexibility. From a programmer's point of view, it was so easy to use”

Nick Adamson, Author of Dotris Braille Game


SuperNova API

Programmatically adjust magnification, speech and braille parameters, query SuperNova status information and instruct SuperNova to announce custom messages direct from your application. You can also remotely load scripts and call script functions.

  • From your application, identify which SuperNova edition is running.
  • Retrieve and set dozens of magnification, speech and braille parameters from your application.
  • Call SuperNova functions such as reading the current line or moving the magnification.
  • Programmatically send custom messages to be announced by SuperNova.
  • Support for loading and unloading Lua scripts, and call individual script functions from the API.

  SuperNova API Enquiry  

Graphic showing SuperNova on a laptop and a cloud icon.

“Dolphin API and Scripting services have changed my ability to earn a living. NovaTalk allows me to control SuperNova with my voice.”

Hussein Patwa from the company Extra Solutions used Dolphin API and Dolphin Scripting to create NovaTalk.
NovaTalk is middleware that enables PC users who are blind or partially sighted to control their PC with voice commands.