Meet EasyReader for iOS - 2 Video(s)

Free aceesible reading app, for iOS. Download and read books, newspapers or copy and paste text. Download for free from the Appstore now:

  1. Meet EasyReader for iOS & Android
  2. Read Accessible Books Anywhere, with EasyReader

Meet EasyConverter - Create Accessible Information - 3 Video(s)

Meet the people at Exhall Grange School that use EasyConverter to make accessible information for their students. Learn how EasyConverter makes Braille, large print, DAISY talking books and MP3.

  1. Meet EasyConverter - Create Accessible Information in Braille, large print & audio
  2. Meet Exhall Grange School - Using EasyConverter to Create Braille, large print & audio
  3. My EasyConverter Review - By Enhanced Vision

GuideReader (Svenska) - 1 Video(s)

  1. Möt GuideReader Pod - Svenska

Guide v Cestine - 1 Video(s)

  1. Seznamte se s Guide - české titulky

Guide en Francais - 1 Video(s)

  1. Guide Rencontrez - Français sous-titrage

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