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Computer Accessories

Enhance your experience of SuperNova and GuideConnect with accessible computer equipment.

SuperNova & GuideConnect Accessories

Accessories listed are currently available for delivery in the UK only.
If you are outside the UK, please contact your Dolphin Dealer to buy.

Dolphin Keyboard

Dolphin Remote Control

Holding the GuideConnect Remote Control

Dolphin Remote Control

Price £20

The easiest way to operate GuideConnect when used with a TV box, laptop or desktop computer. This lightweight remote control has simple, tactile buttons with high-contrast symbols that give you full control of GuideConnect.

  • Scroll through GuideConnect menus and icons
  • Adjust size of text and icons
  • Adjust volume and mute audio
  • Switch GuideConnect on and off
  • Voice input button to dictate emails, documents and web addresses

Please note: Dolphin Remote Control is already included in all UK GuideConnect packages.

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Dolphin Keyboard

Dolphin Keyboard

Dolphin Keyboard

Price: £79

Exclusively designed by Dolphin, the Dolphin Keyboard has a range of accessibility features that make it quicker and easier for people who are blind or partially sighted to use their computer.

  • Large print, high-contrast lettering on keys for accurate typing
  • Tactile 'Quick Buttons' that open and operate Dolphin software
  • Suitable for use with GuideConnect and SuperNova software

Please note: The Dolphin Keyboard is included in UK SuperNova and GuideConnect desktop packages.

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SuperNova Quick Buttons Include


Open Control Panel icon

Open SuperNova Control Panel

Open Email icon

Open Emails

Open Help icon

Open Help

Adjust Magnification icon

Adjust Magnification


Switch Colour Schemes icon

Switch Colour Schemes

Launch Speech icon

Launch Speech

Launch Web Browser icon

Launch Web Browser

Launch Media icon

Launch Media

GuideConnect Quick Buttons Include


Launch GuideConnect icon

Launch GuideConnect

Open Help icon

Open Help

Adjust Magnification icon

Adjust Magnification


Open Scanner Menu icon

Open Scanner Menu

Open Website icon

Open Website Menu

Activate Voice icon

Activate Voice

Document Cameras

The IPEVO V4K Ultra HD Document Camera

IPEVO V4K Ultra HD Document Camera

Price £135

This 8 megapixel camera captures ultra HD live images up to 3264 x 2448 pixels, and has a video capture resolution of 1080p, to capture the tiniest details with superior clarity and without pixelation.

Use this camera to live scan books, magazines, documents, photos and QR codes. It reads OCR text and is perfect for presentations and video calls. 

Its fast focus speed means fewer interuption as you change reading material, and it even works without distortion in low light environments.

This document camera is compatible for use with Dolphin SuperNova and GuideConnect - simply connect to your computer USB port.

A lightweight camera, coming in at 871gm, means it's easier to transport, and it's easy to adjust for use at different heights and angles

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SuperNova Connect & View feature

SuperNova users can turn their computer into a high-definition video magnifier, using the Connect & View feature and a document camera.

Simply plug a document camera into your desktop PC or laptop, and select Connect & View in SuperNova to enlarge and view photographs, letters, greetings cards, labels, prescriptions, packaging and more.

Learn more about the SuperNova Connect & View feature.

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Document camera plugged into a laptop, with a magnified document onscreen.

Accessible Keyboards

Touchscreen Monitors

21.5" Touchscreen Monitor

Price £235

Update your monitor to take advantage of touchscreen controls. With this screen you can use simple and intuitive gestures to magnify text, zoom in and out on screen, select and highlight text etc.

This is also an excellent choice if you use multiple monitors to view on-screen information. Ideal for work, a home set up or for gaming. You can choose to view information across the monitors, or view a different application on each screen. You can also choose different colour schemes and magnification settings on each monitor if required. Read more about using SuperNova on multiple monitors.

  • 21.5” viewable area
  • 10 point touch technology
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • HDMI connector

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Dell Monitor

Software Training

Illustration of a group of people working on laptops.

Half Day Onsite Training

Price £350

Full training on your chosen Dolphin assistive technology product with an expert Dolphin trainer.

We will take you through all product functions so you gain an excellent working knowledge of the Dolphin software you've chosen.

We can tailor this training to your specific needs and your job role to help you use the Dolphin software to its full capacity. This helps ensure you are able to use your computer independently and confidently.

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