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Assistive technology to improve accessibility in education
for students with visual impairments or neurodiverse conditions.

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Assistive Technology for the Education Sector

Improve accessibility and provide equal access to education for students who are blind, partially sighted or have neurodiverse conditions.

Dolphin has developed a range of software products to support students throughout school, college and university.

Dolphin also provides products and advice to help educators make learning resources more accessible, so that more young people with visual impairments can reach their full potential.

Dolphin Products for Education

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SuperNova gives students with visual impairments equal access to education.

Learners of all ages can study in line with their classmates using SuperNova assistive technology.

There are three editions of SuperNova, which means schools can provide for a wide range of students with visual impairments. This includes students who are blind, have partial sight or low vision and young people whose sight changes throughout the school day.

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SuperNova Connect & Learn

The classroom-ready kit of assistive technology products for students with low vision. SuperNova Connect & Learn enables students to view all learning material at the same time as their classmates.

It promotes inclusion in class and helps teachers to convert educational material into accessible formats.

Connect & Learn also saves your school money, as this budget-saving kit replaces five expensive single devices.

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Using Connect & Learn in Class
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EasyReader App

EasyReader App makes reading more accessible. It supports readers with visual impairments, as well as learners with dyslexia or other conditions that might make reading print difficult.

Available on a range of devices, EasyReader App has direct access to accessible libraries and textbook collections.

EasyReader App is is the most accessible way to download and read books. Students can read with magnified text, with audio, or use a combination of both. They can customise text, fonts, colour schemes and reading speed; to read in ways that suit their own sight or reading style.

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EasyReader Premium Education Subscription

Unlock additional features in the EasyReader App with an EasyReader Premium Education Subscription.

It's the easy way for your school to provide learning material in alternative reading formats. Every child with a print disability - such as dyslexia or a vision impairment - can read and learn independently, in line with their peers.

Available now to educators in the UK, USA, Canada and Sweden.

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Dolphin partners with RNIB Bookshare Education Collection.

This collection provides over 1 million books and textbooks in accessible formats, for use in UK schools, colleges and universities.

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EasyConverter Express

EasyConverter Express is a simple, low-cost way for your school to improve accessibility for students, teachers and parents with visual impairments.

Teachers can use it to make class handouts and educational material accessible to students who are visually impaired. Schools can convert older documents into accessible formats, with text and audio settings that meet their students' accessibility needs.

EasyConverter Express enables school staff to convert and save any Word document into accessible formats, including braille, large print and mp3.

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Find out more about accessibility in education

Be My Best Self

Dolphin has developed a tool to help your students work with you to consider and identify ways they can benefit from reasonable adjustments to their learning environment.

It's a simple form with questions to help start discussions around different ways individuals can thrive throughout their education.

Recommended for use by students with visual impairments, disabilities or health conditions, it produces a form which can be printed or shared digitally with teachers, TAs, SENCOs and parents.

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Hands holding a printed copy of the Educators' Guide to AT

Educators' Guide to Assistive Tech

The Educators' Guide to Assistive Technology is a free resource that explores the tech available to schools, colleges and universities to help improve accessibility.

This guide helps you discover the many ways assistive technology helps students who are blind or partially sighted. It explores how tech is used to empower young people with visual impairments, throughout their education.

Claim your free copy today and find out how you can empower your students with visual impairments to be independent learners.

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Free Webinars

Discover and learn more about new assistive technology - at a time that suits your workload - with Dolphin Webinars.

All our webinars are free and they give you the opportunity to gain knowledge and practical advice from the accessibility experts at Dolphin, along with our valued partners such as RNIB Bookshare and CELA.

These short online sessions explore how new features of Dolphin software help improve accessibility to education for your students with visual impairments or neurodiverse conditions such as dyslexia.

Visit the calendar to find a webinar and register your interest.

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