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Dolphin assistive technology enables you to maintain your independence at home.

Assistive Technology for the Home

If you are blind or partially sighted, Dolphin software helps you build and maintain your independence at home, whether you are an experienced computer user or a beginner.

Dolphin Computer Access provides a range of assistive technology you can use at home to access information, communicate and read with your computer.  

You can rely on Dolphin technology, whatever your level of sight. Our expertise means we have developed a range of software for people who are losing their sight and need a little extra magnification, through to technology for experienced screen reader users with speech and braille. 

Dolphin products give you options, so you can access the things you need on your computer, from the comfort of home.

Mature woman, wearing headphones and smiling as she uses her laptop at home.

Be My Best Self - 5 icons representing questions in the Be My Best Self tool

This simple tool is a useful starting point to help communicate what you need to be confident in your surroundings.

Be My Best Self

A woman using SuperNova on a laptop at home.


SuperNova provides screen magnification and screen reading you can rely on.

With SuperNova you can:

  • Choose an edition that suits your sight
  • Customise colours, magnification and voices
  • Use a device that suits your lifestyle
  • Scan printed text, and read it with magnification or speech
  • Access libraries with built-in EasyReader

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Customisable and easy to use, GuideConnect promotes independence, enables communication and delivers entertainment. 

GuideConnect is particularly recommended for people with sight loss who are less confident with technology. Choose GuideConnect to:

  • Explore the screen with icons and simple menus
  • Connect with loved ones on email and video calls
  • Read websites, emails, documents and accessible books
  • Scan and read printed letters and articles
  • Listen to your favourite books, radio stations and podcasts
  • Use a device that suits your experience

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GuideConnect on a PC
User holding a smartphone with book list onscreen.


To make reading accessible to more people, the Dolphin EasyReader App is free. It supports readers who are blind or partially sighted, as well as people with dyslexia and other neurodiverse conditions.

Enjoy EasyReader:

  • Free access to talking book and newspaper libraries around the world
  • Customisable settings for font, size and colour, to read comfortably
  • Listen to books read aloud with a choice of natural-sounding voices
  • App available on Windows, iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices.

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