EasyReader Premium Personal Plan - USA and Canada
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Buy a Personal Plan

$30 per year

An EasyReader Premium Personal Plan means you get more from EasyReader App.

Use anywhere, on any eligible device, to take advantage of all the additional accessibility features EasyReader Premium provides.

EasyReader Premium Personal Plan is available worldwide.
Please note that instructions for use are currently in English only.

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Benefits of EasyReader Premium

Your Books - Ready to Read

Your books are synchronized across all your devices, so they're ready to pick up where you left off, whatever device you choose. Perfect for those unputdownable reads!

Read Your Way

If you prefer large text, a unique color scheme or a faster reading voice, set your preferences and EasyReader Premium remembers them on all your devices.

Choose Voices

If you have more than one book on the go, you can differentiate between them with different reading voices! Download your favourites from a huge range.

PDFs made accessible

The inaccessibility of PDF documents has been cracked with EasyReader Premium! Download from a library or your device and read text-based PDFs on your phone or PC.

OneDrive & Google Drive

You can now access shared documents in your Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive accounts, and then read them with your preferred accessibility settings.

EasyReader App on Mac

A Premium Plan gives you exclusive access to EasyReader App on iMac and MacBook. Simply visit the App Store and download the Mac version.

3 Steps to EasyReader Premium

1. Download EasyReader App

Visit the app store for each of your devices and find the free 'Dolphin EasyReader App'. Then click to download and sign in.

2. Get Library Memberships

Set up membership to your country's accessible libraries to read in the language you prefer. Free to all eligible readers.

3. Buy EasyReader Premium Plan

EasyReader Premium Personal Plan opens extra accessibility features to enhance your reading experience. Log in and start reading!

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Product Support

Get more from your EasyReader Premium Plan with a few practical tips for success.

Find out more in the video tutorials, helpful articles and product manuals to help you get started.

You'll learn more about using EasyReader App, your EasyReader Premium Plan and our library partners.

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Unlock Premium Features in EasyReader App

EasyReader Premium gives you extra features in EasyReader App, so if you haven't already, you should download the EasyReader App to your device.

It's free and is listed in your device app store as 'Dolphin EasyReader App'.

You should also set up memberships to accessible libraries. In the USA this includes Bookshare, NLS Bard and Project Gutenberg and in Canada it's CELA.

  About EasyReader App  

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