Supported Network Type
Product IPV4 only IPV4/IPV6 dual stack IPV6 only with NAT64 gateway IPV6 only
SuperNova Yes Yes Yes Yes, with minor limitations. See components 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9
Guide (version 9) Yes Yes Maybe (not tested) No
EasyReader for Windows Yes Yes Maybe (not tested) Major problems - may read local content only. See components 1,2,7
EasyConverter Yes Yes Yes Yes, with minor limitations. See components 1,6
Publisher Yes Yes Yes Yes, with minor limitations. See components 1,6
EasyReader for iOS Yes Yes Yes Yes
EasyReader for Android Yes Yes Maybe (not tested) Maybe, depends on the version of Android used.
GuideReader Yes Yes Maybe (not tested)

Not supported.


  Component Issue Workaround
1 Product Activation May not connect and activate automatically using internet activation. Use manual (phone or e-mail) activation. Enterprise customers can use a site licence network code instead.
2 Bookshelf May not connect to bookshelf server. Many not be able to download books. No workaround available.
3 Newsletter signup May not connect. Use newsletter signup form on
4 Ask support a question May not connect. Use ask support form on
5 Product Improvement program May not send data back to Dolphin. No workaround, but has no impact on product functionality.
6 Subscription based products (continuous credit card authorisation) Subscription may fail to update and product will stop. No workaround. Do not use subscription based products with continuous credit card authorisation on IPV6 only networks.
7 Dolphin ID service May not be able to sign in. No workaround.
8 Automatic Product updates May not notify user of product updates. Update manually by downloading new version from
9 In-product notifications May not notify user of message. No workaround.