Dolphin Account | Dolphin Computer Access

It’s quick, easy and free to create a Dolphin Account. Use it to access EasyReader or to make video calls to GuideConnect users. 

Dolphin EasyReader

Sign in to Dolphin EasyReader on your computer, smartphone or tablet to enjoy thousands of accessible books and newspapers.

Dolphin Video Calling Service

Sign in to the Dolphin website from any device to make video calls to friends and family who use GuideConnect.

How do I create a Dolphin Account?

It’s easy to create a Dolphin Account. You can sign up using the EasyReader app or on the Dolphin website.  

Sign up using your Google Account 

The easiest way to create a Dolphin Account is to sign in to EasyReader or the Dolphin website using an existing Google Account. Using this method means your account will be automatically activated and ready to use immediately. Without the need for another username or password.  

Create a new Dolphin Account

If you prefer to create a new Dolphin Account using your email address, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the sign in screen in EasyReader or the Dolphin website 
  2. Choose the ‘Sign up’ link below the login button
  3. Type your email address and create a new password
  4. Activate your Dolphin Account using the link sent your email inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I have to login to my Dolphin Account every time?

A. Unless you actively log out, both the EasyReader app and Dolphin website will remember your login and password each time you visit, so you won’t need to sign in every time.

Q. I forgot the password to my Dolphin Account, can I reset it?

A. Yes. There is a link just under the login button offering you the chance to reset your password.

Q. I am in education and we are blocked from sending & receiving external emails. Can you help me create Dolphin Accounts for my students?

A. Yes, of course. Simply email us the number of students that require a Dolphin Account and we’ll set them up for you.

Q. What will happen with my personal information?

To create a Dolphin Account, all you need to do is provide an email address and set up a password. We take privacy seriously and the use of your personal information will adhere to Dolphin’s Privacy Policy. Your details will not be sent to any third parties.