Release of EasyReader App Version 11

We’re excited to announce the release of version 11 of the EasyReader App. This latest release means even more people who are neurodivergent or vision impaired can read books and other material in a way that's accesssible to them. 

Dolphin is committed to making reading accessible to everyone. To ensure people with visual impairments, dyslexia and other print impairments have equal access to books, we developed EasyReader App. The app is always free to download and use and provides a direct connection to talking book library services around the world.

The version 11 release removes even more barriers to reading. Readers can now get started with EasyReader App without the need to sign in to the app or create a Dolphin Account. Anyone who is a member of a talking book library can open the app and find, download and read titles from their library service straight away. 

Noel Duffy, CEO of Dolphin Computer Access, expresses his enthusiasm:

"We know that people love reading and learning through EasyReader App. The improvements we've made in this release mean it's even easier to get started.
We want to spread the word that more people can start to enjoy reading books and learning in ways that suit them. EasyReader App is free, it makes reading accessible for people who are dyslexic or vision impaired and it breaks down barriers to reading people may have faced before now."

Read a full list of What's New in EasyReader App and EasyReader Premium.

What's New


EasyReader App

Now in its 21st year, EasyReader App partners with 47 (and counting) accessible libraries and book collections globally – more than any other accessible reading app.

EasyReader App library partners include:

  • RNIB Library, RNIB Bookshare and Calibre Audio in the UK
  • Bookshare, NFB Newsline and NLS Bard in the USA
  • MTM Taltidningar and Legimus in Sweden

Check out all the accessible libraries available in your country and set up your memberships


Helping you find the answers

We have improved the in-app Help to answer your questions about using EasyReader App, so you can get more from the app when you’re reading.

If you encounter an error in EasyReader App, you will now find helpful guidance in version 11 to identify what the issue is, and the steps to take to resolve it. The app also includes links to helpful  knowledge base articles to help explain the best next steps to take to resolve the issue.


Person using EasyReader Premium on a laptop and phone. The book content is synchronised so it shows the same on both devices..

More benefits with EasyReader Premium

While the free EasyReader App supports members of talking book libraries to find, download and read accessible titles, you can get even more from the EasyReader App with an EasyReader Premium Plan.

EasyReader Premium unlocks additional features that make your accessible titles available on any device. Version 11 introduces exclusive features to EasyReader Premium. EasyReader Premium works with EasyReader App to provide even more great benefits, to enable you to:

  • Continue reading your accessible titles on any device
  • Import and read files in Word, text and ePub formats (free app is limited to 10 imports)
  • Import files from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive
  • Read clipboard text copied from web pages and other documents (free app is limited to 10 texts)
  • Benefit from a wider choice of reading voices
  • Sign in to EasyReader App on a Mac

EasyReader Premium Personal Plan

An EasyReader Premium Personal Plan can now be purchased in-app.

Choose a monthly plan for £4.99 per month, or save 20% with an annual plan for £49.99

It’s available worldwide, and you can also buy your Personal Plan on the Dolphin website.


EasyReader Premium Education Plan

Educators in English-speaking countries and Sweden can also purchase an EasyReader Premium Education Plan directly from Dolphin.

This enables schools, colleges and universities to make curriculum resources accessible for every student who would benefit from accommodations or reasonable adjustments to help them read and learn.

EasyReader Premium now provides teachers and educational support staff with new ways to monitor their students' engagement with reading material in EasyReader App. 

Price will depend on your setting and the number of students, contact us for a quote:

About Education Plan

EasyReader Logo

About EasyReader App

EasyReader App connects you to accessible reading libraries and enables you to read books and other reading material in ways that are accessible to you. Whether you prefer to read visually or audibly, EasyReader App offers enlarged text, different colour schemes, text to speech, audiobooks and a combination, where you can read along  with each word highlighted as it is read aloud by the speech. 

This versatile reading app accommodates the needs of readers who are blind, including compatability for screen readers and braille displays.

If you already use EasyReader App, your app will automatically update to version 11.

If you are new to EasyReader App download the app for free at

Download EasyReader App



Dolphin Computer Access Logo

Dolphin's commitment to accessibility

Dolphin Computer Access is renowned for developing assistive technology software for people who are blind or partially sighted. With EasyReader App, its impact reaches beyond screen reading and magnification. EasyReader App enables independent reading for individuals with vision impairments, neurodiversity, and other print disabilities.

Through the Dolphin EasyReader App, readers with print impairments can link to accessible libraries globally. It removes barriers for people with disabilities, so they can find and read books and other titles in a way that is accessible for them.





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