Meet SuperNova

SuperNova, includes Magnification, Speech and Braille Access to documents and apps, for people with any visual impairment.


David: People with any visual impairment: graduate from university, manage businesses and even get published using SuperNova that reads what’s important to them. 

Ben: I’m using the same software that everyone else is using. 

Sue: Excel, PowerPoint…

Richard: I can write, I can read, it just works. 

David: 4 SuperNova editions help balance magnification and screen reading access to documents and apps.

SuperNova: Today 13 Celsius. Current condition clear.

(The SuperNova Access Suite Symbol fades into screen, before fading out, leaving the Magnifier symbol behind. The title “Meet Supernova Magnifier” flies in below)

David: Magnifier for people with partial sight.

Magnifier: enlarges email, gets close to photos and helps you view layout. 

Sue: I use Supernova on everything on the screen.

David: Change colours to maximise reading comfort.

Sue: You can actually have the cursor as a big arrow, and that’s useful as well.

David: Multiple monitors make delivering that big presentation a reality for people with low vision.

Sue: When I was doing the institute of leadership and management, I won the prize for the most creative, innovative and colourful PowerPoint presentation. 

(The SuperNova Access Suite Symbol fades into screen, before fading out, leaving the Reader Magnifier symbol behind. The title “Meet Supernova Reader Magnifier” flies in below)

David: Reader Magnifier, give your eyes a rest.

Reader Magnifier speaks as you type increasing confidence. 

Richard: I’m much quicker now, now that I can touch type.

SuperNova: Hope, to, set…

David: You can use your mouse “or keyboard” while surfing favourite sites, browsing PDF or reviewing Windows Help.

SuperNova: Getting Started. Security and Privacy.

Richard: I tend to read at about 220 words a minute, which is faster than I use to read when I was sighted.

(The SuperNova Access Suite Symbol fades into screen, before fading out, leaving the Screen Reader symbol behind. The title “Meet Supernova Screen Reader” flies in below)

David: Screen Reader, for people who are blind.

Screen Reader enables people with little or no sight to create and communicate independently.

Ben: I was able to read what was on screen, as opposed to struggling to use the mouse. 

Review spelling and punctuation with Braille to reinforce literacy skills. Style and formatting information can be announced so you can produce fabulous looking documents. 

SuperNova: Bulleted. Colour very dark green. Projecting onto table comma. 

Ben: I do my course work using it. I read lecture slides with it. It’s just unimaginable what it would be like without it.

(The SuperNova Access Suite Symbol fades into screen. The title “Meet Supernova Acces Suite” flies in below)

David: SuperNova Access Suite, for any visual impairment.

Use the magnifier, voice and Braille separately or together.

Ben: I can come along as a screen reader user, yet at the same time, someone who is partially sighted, they can use the magnification part.

Richard: I get the cursor into the spot where I can just about see the ingredients, and then I might either use speech or just the magnification. 

If your sight changes, transfer your skills between SuperNova editions.

Ben: When I lost the sight that I had in 2005, I could carry on using the computer. 

David: And carry SuperNova between computers.

Sue: Instead of struggling with a large laptop, I actually took the Dolphin Pen. 

Get your questions answered with video tutorials, webinars and fulltime professional product support from the people who make and use SuperNova ourselves.

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Sue: There are no restrictions now, to a visual impairment.