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Assistive Technology Kit for Students with Low Vision

Enables independent learning in class and at home. Read, study and learn in line with the rest of your class.

About Connect & Learn

SuperNova Connect & Learn is a complete assistive technology kit for students with low vision. This education-focused combination of computer hardware and Dolphin software makes learning accessible. 

Connect & Learn enables students with visual impairments to access all class materials - whether printed, on a whiteboard or digitally presented - so they can learn in line with their peers.

Connect & Learn Kit contains

Computer equipment

  • Windows 11 Surface Pro Tablet
  • Surface Pro keyboard / cover
  • Wireless large print keyboard
  • Wireless mouse

Dolphin software

  • SuperNova Magnifier, or SuperNova Magnifier & Speech
  • EasyReader Premium software
  • 3 years of SuperNova updates & upgrades
  • Access to whiteboard content


  • Portable tablet stand
  • Backpack

Please note: Connect & Learn Kit is currently available in the UK only.
If you are outside the UK, contact your Dolphin Dealer for information.

Whiteboard content is shared by teachers through Whiteboard Wizard.

SuperNova Connect & Learn kit

With SuperNova Magnifier

  • Magnify computer screen
  • Customise colour schemes
  • Enhanced text smoothing
  • Touchscreen magnification
  • Connect to cameras
  • Access book libraries
  • Read with EasyReader Premium features

SuperNova Magnifier & Speech

All features in SuperNova Magnifier plus:

  • Human-sounding voices
  • Reads content of web pages, emails and documents aloud
  • Scan print and read with audio
  • Control voice reading speed

Contact us on 01905 754 577 to talk through your requirements and find out which SuperNova edition is best for your students.

Prices exclude VAT.

Connect & Learn Key Features

“All the students love Connect & Learn. It provides access to the curriculum and helps them develop the skills they need to move on to higher education and the workplace”

C Thomas, Specialist teacher for children and young people with visual impairments

Save Your School Money

The SuperNova Connect & Learn kit combines the benefits of a video magnifier, laptop, tablet, whiteboard magnifier and accessible book reader.


Make just one purchase of a Connect & Learn Kit – rather than buying five expensive devices separately - to save your school money. Connect & Learn benefits your school budget, as well as its learners with low vision.

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A Connect & Learn tablet positioned horizontally on a stand ready to scan a document.
Student using Connect & Learn on a tablet to read and edit a document.

Empower Independent Learning

SuperNova Connect & Learn gives students with low vision the assistive technology they need to read, complete assignments and study in line with their peers.


With Connect & Learn, students with visual impairments can keep up in class without additional help.


For a limited time only, Dolphin is also adding on a complimentary home licence, so students can read, complete homework and write assignments out of school. Call us on 01905 754 577 to find out more about this offer.


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“I can keep up with everyone else in class, I’m no different”

Chelsea, secondary school student

Develop Skills for Employment

SuperNova Connect & Learn empowers young people with visual impairments to succeed, in education and beyond.


Powered by Windows 11, Connect & Learn provides opportunities for students to build their knowledge, skills and abilities with technology. This has far-reaching benefits beyond school. It provides opportunities to prepare them for higher education and the workplace.


Call us on 01905 574 577  to talk about how SuperNova can support your school leavers.


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Student using a Connect & Learn tablet to read with EasyReader.
Student using Connect & Learn on a tablet to view the classroom whiteboard.

Whiteboard Wizard

Teachers can download the free Whiteboard Wizard app on their class PC, and share the whiteboard display with students who use Connect & Learn.

Students with Connect & Learn then wirelessly connect to the digital whiteboard, to view, magnify or listen to the information displayed, in real time.

Free to schools, colleges and universities, the Whiteboard Wizard App is easy to install, and makes screen-sharing effortless.


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“We’re using Connect & Learn with four children in secondary school. They are registered as partially sighted or sight impaired. When they were in primary, they used a laptop but found them too heavy to transport from class to class at secondary school. Connect & Learn is light and the students love using it.”


C Thomas, Specialist teacher for children and young people with visual impairments

Laptop with a calendar icon on screen.

Book a Demonstration

To find out more about Connect & Learn and see how the kit works, book a demonstration with an assistive tech expert.

Laptop with a users icon on screen.

Register for Webinars

Regular free webinars to demonstrate how students benefit from Connect & Learn and ways to make your school more accessible.

Laptop with a blog icon on screen.

Accessibility Blogs

Articles about accessibility in education. Plus practical ways to make learning material more accessible for students with visual impairments.

The students with low vision use Connect & Learn like a laptop, but they also take photos of things like scientific diagrams or the information presented on whiteboards and notice boards. They zoom in on these images and save them for later.


C Thomas, Specialist teacher for children and young people with visual impairments