Learn SuperNova: Magnifier Views

A guide to the different ways you can display the magnifier. For SuperNova Magnifier, Magnifier & Speech, and Magnifier & Screen Reader. "Views" are the available areas of your screen used to display magnified content. For example, split screen View uses one half of the screen for the magnified area and the other half of the screen shows content at its original size. You can change which of the 8 views are used by clicking the Views button from the SuperNova Control Panel. Alternatively you can cycle through all views from anywhere in Windows by pressing LEFT CONTROL+NUMPAD 7. The default view is Full Screen magnification which uses all the available area to display magnified text. Fixed Window View only uses a static region of the screen to show magnified text and the remainder of the screen shows content at its original size. Magnifying Glass is a Window which follows the Mouse Pointer or beam cursor. You can change the size and position of the Magnifier View by pressing LEFT CONTROL+NUMPAD 4 to enter Modification Mode. While in this mode the arrow keys adjust the View. Press ESCAPE to save your changes


Sarah: SuperNova provides you with different ways to view the magnified screen. To change the magnified view, simply open the control panel, click on the magnifier view button from the button bar and then select the relevant view.

You can also move through the different magnification views by pressing left control and number pad seven.

Full screen uses the entire screen to display the magnified area.

Fixed window places a window in a fixed position on the screen. This shows the magnified area and leaves the rest of the screen unmagnified.

Magnifying glass creates a window around the mouse. As your mouse moves so does the magnified area.

Split screen uses half of your screen to display the magnified area, leaving the other half unmagnified. These magnifier views can be modified simply press left control and num pad four to enter modification mode. You can adjust size of all of these views by holding left control and using the arrow keys.

You can also adjust the position of the fixed window by only pressing the arrow keys. To exit modification mode, simply press the escape key.

Resizing glass creates a window around the current object in focus and automatically resizes this window as you move from object to object using the keyboard

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