The Dolphin Help System

How to use the Dolphin help system. For SuperNova Magnifier, Magnifier & Speech, Magnifier & Screen Reader, and Screen Reader.


 In this tutorial I am going to look at the Help system. The Help system is one of the most important features of the Dolphin Access software, because it allows you quickly and easily find all the information you should need on using both your Dolphin access software and a wide range of Windows applications. You can access the Help system with one single hot key – Caps lock and F1. Using Caps lock and F1 brings up the Help system menu. In here there are several useful little features that will enable you to get started with your Dolphin access software and all your windows applications. Lets take a look what’s contained within it. Dolphin Help system is application sensitive. The best way to explain this is to demonstrate it. If I access Microsoft Word and then press my Help system hot key which is caps lock and F1 you will see that the first item on the list is Microsoft Word 2007 Help. By choosing this option it will take me straight into the Microsoft Office 2007 Help system, where I can find help on Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint. So what else is contained within this Help menu. I’m going to bring it up again with Caps lock and F1. The second item on the list is the hotkeys. Dolphin Access Software contains numerous hot keys, which allow you to perform functions quickly and easily. However there are quite a few and so in order to help you remember them, we’ve arranged them into this easy to follow hotkey section. The hotkeys are all arranged into different sections, such as speech, action and magnification. Next we have ‘Find help and support on the Dolphin website’. The Dolphin website contains numerous tips and tutorials to help you get started with your Dolphin access software and help you if you have a problem. Next we have ‘Windows Basics’. The ‘Windows Basics’ section contains information about using Windows. Information such as how to start up and shut down your computer safely, getting the most out of your Windows desktop and other things such as the start menu. We also have the full product manual. This contains information on using your Dolphin software and a wide range of other applications. All the information is easy to follow, step by step tutorials. You can access the help system in three ways. Firstly with Caps Lock and F1 secondly by choosing the Help button off the main Dolphin control panel and thirdly by going to help at the top of the control panel. Anywhere that you see a ‘help’ button you can simply click on it and the Supernova manual will open at the relevant section. Try it for yourself and see just how much information is contained within our Help system. By using the ‘Help system’ you quickly and easily get up and running with your Dolphin software. Thank you.