A new free update for SuperNova 18 users has been released and is immediately available via SuperNova's internet updater. Read on to learn what's new and fixed in SuperNova 18.05:

Doc Reader:

FIXED: Crash when entering the Doc Reader
FIXED: Scan and read now detects and uses Microsoft Word from Office 365 for output where installed – Some users couldn’t output their scanned text to Word even when installed.

Windows 10:

FIXED: If you selected the Magnifier Profile, the focus wasn't being tracked correctly on the UAC Elevation prompt screen. – Tracking failed within windows screens
FIXED: Language support files for the On-Screen Keyboard were not being installed – Some languages didn’t display an On-screen keyboard for touch screen users.


FIXED: Dolphin Cursor was losing position if you had an updating tray icon in the system tray – Items such as Dropbox or OneDrive which update in the system tray were causing focus to jump elsewhere, inhibiting navigation.

Chrome & Firefox:

FIXED: Chrome - Gmail composer window wasn’t working – Users can now enter text within the Subject and Email body in Gmail.
FIXED: Chrome - Combo boxes in Chrome did not pull down on a mouse click – Users can again use a mouse click to open dropdown lists without them unexpectedly closing.
FIXED: Chrome - Tracking stopped working in multiline edit areas after re-entering forms mode after correcting spelling errors
FIXED: Chrome - You couldn't move the Dolphin Cursor to the File Actions toolbar in MS Teams
FIXED: Chrome - Wasn't announcing drop down list box labels when navigating them
FIXED: Firefox - Dolphin Cursor line navigation and character highlighting was broken – users can now arrow left and right on text with highlighting showing eh correct position.
FIXED: IA2 'Checkbox' and 'Different Element' quick navigation keys moved to the wrong elements -Some quick navigation key presses resulted in unexpected results.

Other Fixes:

FIXED: Crash in Thunderbird Signup page when navigating between edit fields
NEW:  detection function added for Thunderbird edit areas to get them reading in Windows 7 and 8 – users can again edit text within Thunderbird emails under Windows 7
IMPROVED: Accessibility & Navigation for Skype 8. Various bugs, which made signing in and setting up Skype difficult, have been fixed


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