Perfect for People with Low Vision

  • No matter what your eye condition, SuperNova Magnifier makes everything crystal clear and easy to read.  Enlarge text and images to just the size you need.  Enhance contrast with a colour scheme and highlights that perfectly suit you.
  • Super easy-to use, choose your perfect Magnifier settings, then sit back and let SuperNova take the strain while you focus on the task in hand.

A partially sighted lady sat at her work desk with 2 monitors, both showing magnified text

Your Apps and Documents, Magnified and Crystal Clear

  • Crystal clear magnification for Windows tablet, laptop and desktop computers. Choose the device that fits your lifestyle, job or course and then adjust the magnification to suit you!
  • Hundreds of apps supported, including Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office, giving you the same access and productivity as your fully sighted peers.
  • Browse the internet and see all the detail you've been missing! Whether you browsing for leisure, or drilling for information, SuperNova Magnifier allows you to zoom in for detail, just when you need it.
  • Don't like the colours and contrast in an app you're forced to use?  Change it!  SuperNova comes with a range of ready made colour scheme, or you can create your own.  Plus the colour replacement options mean you swap out a specifc colour that doesn't suit your sight.
  • Add a camera, and with SuperNova Connect & View you can magnify photos, letters, packaging, greeting cards and so much more.

SuperNova Connect & View with a camera

Personalise the Magnification, Just for You!

  • Magnify your onscreen text and images up to 64 times their original size. Need to see more detail?  Zoom in for total clarity, or boost contrast by tunring on your prefered colour scheme, at the touch of a button.
  • Choose from 24 colour schemes or mix your own to enhance contrast and reduce glare, ensuring reading is always comfortable, whatever your eye condition.
  • Split screen, Window and Lens magnified views help you keep perspective by also showing you the original screen layout - ideal if you have a restricted visual field.
  • Replace problem colours such as red or green without changing the rest of your colour scheme.
  • Prefer low level magnification on webpages but a higher level split screen magnification in Word documents? Save your settings so access to your apps is perfect for you, every time.

Boost your Productivity

  • Choose 2 or more monitors and multi-task with SuperNova.  Magnify different apps on separate screens.  Project your presentations standard size to your sighted audience, keeping your notes magnified to suit you on your laptop.  Working closely with a colleague?  Clone your display, magnified for you, original size for them.
  • Monitor your word count or formula bar by reserving a special magnified Hooked Area, complete with 'live' content. Or just keep one eye on the clock!

Touchscreen Magnification - Easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Tablet or touchscreen laptop user? Experience the best touchscreen magnification for Windows.
  • With SuperNova, touchscreen access is as easy as 1,2,3:
    • With 1 finger - Pan the magnifier, open documents
    • With 2 fingers - Zoom magnification in and out - pinch and stretch with 2 fingers
    • With 3 fingers - Tap 3 fingers to change the colours and find more options.
  • When you need to type on screen, SuperNova Magnifier displays a high contrast, large print on-screen keyboard.


SuperNova's on-screen keyboard

Help When You Need It

  • Press CAPS+F1 at any time for simple instructions on using SuperNova in your favourite apps
  • SuperNova is backed up by Dolphin’s legendary Product Support team with decades of experience in assisting blind and partially sighted people
  • Localised to over 30 languages, SuperNova is supported by a worldwide network of Dolphin accredited dealers and trainers

Manageable for Schools, Employers and other Organisations

  • MSI files and Citrix and Terminal Server support simplify maintenance for system and network administrators. Just pay per user.
  • Easily transfer skills and migrate users between SuperNova editions if their eye sight or requirements change, without the need to start from scratch.

Student reading Romeo and Juliet with magnified view and speech