The only book reader designed specifically for partially sighted people

GuideReader is fully accessible, straight from the box.  Designed with the unique requirements of low vision readers, GuideReader Tablet has a large 10” touchscreen with large print menus and icons that are high contrast and always easy to read.  The human voices are easy on the ear too, carefully guiding you, step by step.


Man relaxing on the sofa with GuideReader


Audio & Large print - Easy on the Eyes

Need big print?  Go as large as your sight requires!  Unlike mainstream bookreaders, GuideReader doesn’t restrict how large you make the text in the book.  Pick a text font that works for you and read with word highlighting on or off. Or if your eyes tire easily, sit back, rest your eyes and listen to the audio.  


GuideReader with book in very large print


Keeping it Simple!

Everything about GuideReader is simple and easy to use. There are no complicated gestures or onscreen qwerty keyboard to master.  Turn on GuideReader Tablet and with a tap of a single finger you’re back reading, right where you left off. Browsing for a new book is just as easy; listen to the simple step-by-step instructions read by human sounding voices.

Navigating GuideReader’s menus is effortless too – there are just 4 touchscreen buttons to achieve everything. Hold GuideReader tablet lengthways and the buttons sit naturally under your thumbs.  Within moments it feels like second nature.


Independently browse and select from 1000s of FREE audio books


Lady using GuideReader with audio newspapers and audio books floating around her.books


Dolphin has partnered with dozens of national and international library providers to bring audio books directly and effortlessly to your GuideReader Tablet.  Simply sign up to your local provider and then browse and download for free!
With GuideReader there’s no waiting for books to arrive on CD or USB Pen.  Independently browse, select and download your own titles.  Search for a favourite author, a recommended title or browse your preferred genre. And because GuideReader Tablet stores up 50* books, it’s more bookshelf than just book reader.  


Portable & Lightweight

Weighing in at only 600g, GuideReader Tablet is perfect for taking with you out and about.  Whether it’s murder mystery on the train, or a selection of holiday reads for the beach, GuideReader Tablet can hold approx. 50* audio books for you to dip in and out of at your whim.  Plug in the headphones included with GuideReader Tablet and you can listen in private.


GuideReader Tablet in use on the train and on the beach

Relax with a good book and your Dolphin 'Remote'

In bed or feet up in your favourite chair, GuideReader’s unique remote means you don’t have to hold your tablet to be in control.  Stop and start your book audio or browse for new titles using only the Dolphin remote.  Instantly familiar, the remote feels comfortable and is ideal when you’re working in the kitchen or pursuing other hobbies.


Using the Dolphin remote in the garden


Help when you need it

There’s no need to panic about getting to grips with GuideReader Tablet – it really is simple and there’s tons of help when you need it.  Never used a touchscreen before? We’ve included a tutorial and will literally guide your fingers through the basics!  GuideReader even familiarises you with the remote too. 

And if you ever forgot or need a reminder, help is always at hand.  Press the Help button and there’s tips for the exact spot you find yourself in – GuideReader even reads it to you. We’ve also included a host of videos online with handy tips, for you or your family members that are supporting you.


*Depends on the format and duration of the audio books downloaded.