To transfer the DAISY talking book to a portable DAISY player:

  1. Ensure you have a compatible DAISY player inserted to your computer and switched on
  2. Use Dolphin Converter to convert your document into DAISY
  3. Once your conversion has completed, choose the ‘Show Location’ button to open a list of all the files in your DAISY conversion in File Explorer
  4. Press BACKSPACE on your keyboard to show the folder containing your DAISY talking book
  5. Copy the entire folder containing your DAISY talking book either by right clicking on the folder and choosing ‘copy’, or by selecting the folder and pressing the hotkey CTRL + C
  6. Open File Explorer by pressing Windows Key + E, then open the folder for your portable DAISY player
  7. Paste the folder containing your DAISY book to the appropriate folder on your portable DAISY player either by right clicking and choosing ‘Paste’ or by using the hotkey CTRL + V. Your DAISY book will be available to play on your DAISY player.

For additional help with reading the DAISY book on a portable DAISY player, please refer to the documentation provided with your DAISY player.