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Logging in

Q: I recently downloaded the EasyReader app on my iPhone. It asked me for my Dolphin ID. As a licensed SuperNova user do I already have a Dolphin ID, or do I need to create one in the EasyReader app?

A: You need to create a Dolphin ID in the EasyReader app.

Q: I downloaded the EasyReader app and created a Dolphin ID three weeks ago. At the time I didn’t realize that I needed to activate my Dolphin ID by responding to a verification e-mail. Having now figured that out, how do I get my account to activate? The EasyReader app won't let me create a new Dolphin ID because it says that my email address is already in use.

A: Instead of trying to create a new Dolphin ID try logging in with your existing Dolphin ID (even though it wasn't confirmed/activated). EasyReader should then tell you that your activation has expired and then send you a new confirmation e-mail. When you receive the new confirmation e-mail click on the activation link within it in order to activate your account. Once you have done this go back to EasyReader and try logging in again.

Q: I recently opened a Dolphin ID account for the EasyReader app but never received a verification e-mail. I don’t want my account to stop working. What can be done?

A: Please check your spam folder as the verification e-mail often ends up there.

Q: I work in a special needs classroom and would like to use the EasyReader app on their iPads. I tried to open a Dolphin ID account but our school’s spam filter is liable to block any verification e-mails.

A: You can either ask your school’s I.T. Department to add a rule to your school network’s spam filter for e-mail coming from @yourdolphin.com, or else sign up for a Dolphin ID using a web-based e-mail service like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo.

Q: I’m a learning resources teacher and I’m trying to access the CELA library for my students with learning disabilities. Do they have to individually sign up for a Dolphin ID? Do you have any suggestions on how I can get around this issue? I have approximately 20 students who need to access books on their iPads at the school and at home and I need a simple way to do this. 

A: Unfortunately currently they will each need to create a Dolphin ID account because in the future your Dolphin ID will allow you to synchronize your books, your bookmarks and your preferences across all of your reading devices.


Q: I downloaded the EasyReader for iOS app in order to read Bookshare books on my iPad. When I select "Sign Up" I receive the error message: "No Connection, Please make sure you are connected to the Internet, and try again."

A: Please try going to your iPad's WiFi settings and change the "APN Protocol" setting from “IPv4/IPv6” to “IPv4” as demonstrated in the following YouTube video (where the WhatsApp app encounters the exact same error message as EasyReader): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fc9g-tGOzM0

Q: Do you have any instructions on how to link my Bookshare account to the EasyReader app on an iPad?

A: Yes. The EasyReader user guide can be found here: https://yourdolphin.com/support/categories?product=ts

Q: I have an iPad that’s currently running iOS version 9.1. In the EasyReader app I’m able to search for books as well as download them, but any attempt at opening a book causes the EasyReader app to instantly crash.

A: EasyReader for iOS is crashing in an iOS audio system function that appears to be only available in iOS 9.2 (and above). Therefore in order to resolve this problem we recommend that you update the version of iOS that's currently running on your iPad to version 9.2 (or above).

Q: Can the EasyReader app download books from LearningAlly?

A: Not at the moment. We would love to add LearningAlly to our list of supported online libraries and would welcome the chance to work with them.

Q: In the EasyReader app when I go to CELA books the screen changes and it asks me to Login. What do I use as this is in EasyReader and not for ordering books on CELA?

A: You enter your CELA login credentials (when prompted by the CELA library service) in order to download books from the CELA library into the EasyReader app. For ordering CELA books and for problems with your CELA login credentials please contact CELA.

Q: I can’t figure out how to download books from CELA in the EasyReader app. Do you have any video tutorials or step-by-step walkthroughs?

A: Help on the EasyReader app can be found in both the EasyReader app itself (Menu ->About & Help ->Help for EasyReader) and on the following web page: https://yourdolphin.com/support/categories?product=ts

Q: Do you have a written tutorial that I can share with other teachers on how to use the EasyReader for iOS app?

A: Yes, in the support section of our web site - https://yourdolphin.com/support and also in the support section of the app itself (Menu ->About & Help ->Help for EasyReader).

Q: I’m trying to connect the EasyReader app to my CELA account without success. The app is complaining that the username or password is incorrect.

A: Please follow these instructions on the CELA web site:
If your CELA login details are rejected please contact CELA first. Similarly, if the CELA book you’ve ordered is not available for download please contact CELA first.

Speech & Sound

Q: I’ve downloaded EasyReader for Android and the only voice currently available is Mexican Spanish. Can I use any of the other system voices that came with my Android device, like the Acapela voices?

A: Yes. If you have Android version 5 then on your Android device go to its Settings ->Language and Input ->Text-to-speech options. In the Text-to-speech options screen of your Android device you’ll see a Preferred TTS engine list. From that list choose one of your other currently installed text-to-speech voice engines. Once you've changed your preferred TTS voice engine to the one that you want to use, then when you re-start your EasyReader app you'll be able to use it that voice engine within EasyReader. On an Android 6 and 7 device go to Settings ->Accessibility ->Text to speech output instead. Step-by-step instructions can be found here:

Q: My iPad has working sound on it but the EasyReader app won't produce any speech output. I’ve read through the support section of your web site and it mentions adjusting the sound options, but that didn’t help. 

A: EasyReader uses the voices that are built into you're operating system. Therefore make sure that your iPad's system voices are working. If they don't work on your system, then they won't work in EasyReader either. So go to your iPad’s Settings ->Accessibility ->Speech ->Voices, see which of your system voices currently has a check mark next to it, select that voice, and then press its “Play” button icon in order to hear a sample of that voice.


Voice settings on iPhone

If that works, then give your selected voice a slightly bigger test by going to your iPad’s Settings ->Accessibility ->Speech ->Typing Feedback, and enable the Characters option. Then go to any text box on your iPad, like the Search box, and type some letters. If you can hear the letters you type then that voice should also work with the EasyReader app. Let us know if your system voices work, but EasyReader is still not speaking. If your system voices are not working then you will need to contact Apple support.

Q: I’m using the EasyReader for iOS app with elementary school special education students on two different iPads. One iPad has many more voice choices than the other. Is there a way to download other voices onto the iPad with the more limited voice selection? That iPad’s current voice selection currently detracts from full comprehension while reading.

A: Yes, extra voices can be purchased within the EasyReader app from its "Audio Settings" dialog box. See https://yourdolphin.com/support/article?id=46&lid=2 for further details. And further help can be found here: https://yourdolphin.com/support/categories?product=ts


Q: I’m using the EasyReader app to download books from Bookshare and I need to find out how to delete books that I’ve finished reading.

A: To delete a book go to "My Books" (where all of your downloaded books are listed), on the cover of the book that you want to delete tap the "i" (book information) icon in order to bring up the book information for that book. In the book information window tap the trash can icon to delete the book. I concede though that this is not very intuitive.

Q: Can my students use the EasyReader app to read Microsoft Word and PDF documents, as well as in the web browser?

A: No. the EasyReader app is for reading books, magazines and newspapers directly downloaded inside it from an online library service (like Bookshare) in DAISY or ePub format. It has no OCR, PDF, Microsoft Word or web browsing features. 

Q: Is it possible to load books through iTunes?

A: No.

Q: Are there plans for the EasyReader app to read MathML embedded in ePub3 books?

A: This suggestion is on our list of possible things to do in the future.

Q: I have an iPad running iOS 10.3.3. I’ve downloaded a couple of books from CELA and then deleted them using the process described on the CELA website, and the books were removed from My Books list. However, the free storage space on my iPad seems not to have increased after the books were deleted.

A: Try going into your iPad's settings and follow the instructions on the web page for deleting the "Documents & Data" for a particular application (in your case EasyReader): http://www.techbout.com/delete-documents-data-iphone-11719/ By following the instructions on the linked to web page you'll be able to see the actual figure for documents and data storage space that the EasyReader app is currently using. In addition, you might want to google: ipad storage space not adding up because some non-EasyReader app users have also experienced the storage space figure quoted on an iPad sometimes not increasing.

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