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Choose SuperNova Magnifier to experience …

True Font magnification that’s always sharp and crystal clear.

  • Magnification with more precision – magnify up to 64x or choose fractional, low level magnification ensuring text and images are always the perfect size.
  • The optimal view of your magnified screen, with split screen options, hooked areas to keep fast-changing data in view or SuperNova’s unique line view – perfect for effortless reading.  
  • A huge selection of large high contrast mouse pointers that accurately track ALL the action.
  • Intuitive touchscreen magnification with high contrast onscreen keyboard.
  • A choice of 24+ colours schemes or create your own, even replacing difficult to see colours.
  • Multiple applications perfectly magnified across multiple monitors, creating a clearer, more productive working environment.  
  • Connect a USB camera and view printed documents clearly. Your magnified documents and web pages reflowed in a dedicated DocReader window designed for reading in comfort.
  • Available on USB – just plug SuperNova in and have every PC set up & ready the way you like it, with no installation or administrator required!

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Or add speech and do even more with … SuperNova Magnifier & Speech Logo

Upgrade to SuperNova Magnifier & Speech to experience …

  • /nullHigh quality, natural sounding voices for reading long documents.
  • Click and read with the mouse from any point in your document.
  • Choose speech as you type to improve accuracy.
  • Add a scanner or document camera and press CAPS + O to read your printed material independently.
  • Perfectly synchronised text and speech – your document or web page will scroll to the right place as you listen.
  • Available in over 20 languages with fast language switching on a key press for Latin alphabets (English, Spanish, German etc.)
  • Automatic language switching for non-Latin alphabets (Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Russian etc.)
  • Mute voice instantly or toggle on and off as needed.

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