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Sometimes when you work in an application you discover little tricks and techniques that make doing certain tasks easier. This might be documenting steps to follow or the shortcut keys needed to complete a task.

SuperNova's My Notes gives you the opportunity to record this information in a simple, application-specific text file. You can review the file anytime in the future while you use the application.

Example of SuperNova notesTo create or view your own help:

  1. Open the application and press CAPS LOCK + F1.
  2. Next choose My Notes from the menu that appears. This will open NotePad or an equivalent text editor, for you to add or read your help.
  3. When done, close the file, making sure you save any updates you make to the file.

Trainer Tip: You can also access the My Notes item by opening the drop-down menu for the Help button in the SuperNova Control Panel button bar.