Compare SuperNova's 'Connect & View' with 'Scan & Read'

With so many new features added to both, here’s a quick recap on SuperNova Connect & View and Scan & Read:



Connect & View


Scan & Read


Magnify, explore and hear documents in real time
Scan, read and listen to PDFs, images, and paper documents


Use your laptop or tablet camera or a portable document camera

Plug in a dedicated scanner or document camera (only required if scanning paper docs)

Helps me access:

Anything that fits under or in front of my camera!

PDFs, image file, paper documents and your clipboard

Ideal for use:

  • In the classroom – portable, offering quick access to hand outs
  • In the home - an affordable alternative to a video magnifier
  • At work - hot desking or if you travel
  • At your desk -  scan paper documents and save for future use
  • Anywhere you need to ‘read’ images and image based PDFs


  • Quick, real time access to paper documents
  • Zoom in and explore the details
  • Optimise your view with colours that suit your sight
  • Touch friendly interface
  • Capture images for future reference
  • Scan, view and read text in SuperNova’s new Doc Reader
  • Easily position your documents for the most consistent and accurate scanning
  • Scan multiple pages
  • Scanned documents can open in:
    • Word (with or without images and formatting)
    • Notepad
    • SuperNova’s new Doc Reader
  • Saves your scanned files to My Documents for future use, so you don’t need to repeat the scan.