SuperNova Connect & Learn for Vision Impaired Students


SuperNova Connect & Learn. The classroom-ready study package.


Windows laptop, tablet, magnifier & portable video magnifier – all in one package

SuperNova Connect & Learn is designed for low vision students who need a portable video magnifier and a Windows laptop. With Connect & Learn there's no compromise, it's all these devices in one lighweight solution:

  One Device – a world of learning

With SuperNova Connect & Learn, students with low vision can magnify class handouts in real time during lessons. It enables users to zoom in for detail and customise the font and background colours for the best contrast. Use one finger tap to save a picture, to add to your document and aid revision later in the day. SuperNova scans for text and reads it aloud with just one tap which means it's more comfortable for tired eyes. With Connect & Learn, students can also send text to Word documents and complete online research with magnification and speech. Completed assignment can be emailed to the teacher easily. 

Read our 3 reasons why QTVIs choose Connect & Learn.

  Designed for students with low vision

Connect & Learn has been specifically designed for students with sight loss and low vision to help build their independence in class.

  • Six colour schemes to choose from
  • Crystal-clear magnification, up to 64x 
  • Intuitive touch screen magnification, with ‘pinch to zoom’
  • Scan and Read OCR is included
  • A choice of human sounding voices

Read our 3 Reasons why students love Connect & Learn.

Five Devices in One

1. Digital Video Magnifier

Magnify class handouts or Scan & Read paper documents.

  • Live HD magnification up to 64x
  • Six colour contrast options
  • Rotate the view
  • One button image capture
  • Scans and reads printed text aloud
  • Touchscreen buttons or large print bluetooth keyboard

2. Windows 10 Laptop

Full productivity for the classroom and home.

  • Screen magnifier up to 64x
  • Compatible with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Browse the web with Chrome, Firefox or IE
  • Scan and read PDFs
  • Connect & View the class whiteboard
  • Fold-away, detachable keyboard
  • Add a mouse, scanner, printer or other USB device

3. Whiteboard Magnifier

View the whiteboard in real time. 

  • Sit anywhere in class - without cameras or cables
  • View the whiteboard on screen and magnify as needed
  • Zoom in to see the detail
  • Customise with a personal colour scheme to boost contrast
  • Split the screen to view the magnified whiteboard and take notes
  • Take and save screenshots of presentations 

Read the Whiteboard Wizard FAQs to find out more.

4. Tablet

For learning and leisure.

  • Large 12.3” touch screen
  • Intuitive touch magnification up to 64x
  • Large print keyboard – on screen or connect with bluetooth
  • Lightweight and easy for young people to carry 
  • Windows store has over 600,000 apps and games

5. Accessible Book Reader

Browse and read thousands of textbooks.

  • EasyReader is included to give access to a range of accessible book libraries and newspaper services, including:  
    • RNIB Bookshare for education titles and textbooks
    • RNIB Newsagent for newspapers and magazines
    • RNIB Reading Services for childrens books and novels
  • Synchronised audio and large print
  • The Dolphin EasyReader App is available free for use on iOS or Android devices.

What does Connect & Learn include?

  • Microsoft Surface Pro (Core i5)
  • Surface Pro keyboard/cover
  • Wireless large print keyboard
  • Portable tablet stage    
  • Wireless optical mouse & USB hub     
  • Laptop backpack
  • Whiteboard Wizard
  • Free delivery (exclusions apply)  
  • 3 years of SuperNova updates and upgrades 


Due to current circumstances, all hardware is subject to availability and the prices listed may vary as a result.
Please contact the Dolphin Sales Team for further information.


with SuperNova Magnifier £1636 + VAT

SuperNova Magnifier Logo

with SuperNova Magnifier & Speech £1756 + VAT

SuperNova Magnifier & Speech




"All the students love Connect & Learn"

“It provides them with access to the curriculum and helps develop the skills they need to move on to higher education and the workplace.”

C Thomas - Specialist Teacher for Visually Impaired Children & Young People




Register now for the next free Connect & Learn webinar

Recommended for education professionals supporting students with visual impairments

In this webinar, we demonstrate the Connect & Learn package. Find out how students with low vision are empowered by SuperNova Connect & Learn to access ways that help them learn better, in class and at home.

Duration: 30 minutes     Cost: Free

An intro to Connect and Learn. For busy people supporting low vision students



Young, happy woman using a laptop at home, to video call.

Book a video demonstration

If you think Connect & Learn might work for your students with low vision, book a demonstration via video call with a Dolphin representative. Our expert in the UK is Dave Salisbury and our US expert is Mary Jo Barry.

This guided tour of SuperNova Connect & Learn also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and find out a lot more about the ways SuperNova Connect & Learn can improve your students' learning journey and increase their independence. 

There is no charge, and you won't need any special IT skills to take part. Just a phone, tablet or a computer.



3 Reasons QTVIs choose Connect & Learn

1. Save money with five devices in one package

SuperNova Connect & Learn includes all the features and power of a video magnifier, laptop, whiteboard magnifier, tablet and book reader in one flexible package. This means schools or colleges save money and so can save funds for other essentials or use it to support more students with visual impairments.  

2. Fully accessible and designed for sight loss

SuperNova Connect & Learn is designed for students with low vision by experts in assistive technology.  Magnification & speech is available at every step for those choosing these options. The Dolphin Support Team is on hand to offer advice and information as needed. 

3. Developing skills for higher education and employment

When learners with low vision move on from school, their Windows 10 & Microsoft Office skills equip them for higher education and future employment. The SuperNova Connect & Learn package can also connect to external monitors, keyboard, mouse, printer and other office equipment. SuperNova Connect & Learn is powered by Windows 10, so choosing this device provides opportunities for students to build skills that take them beyond education and into future employment. 


3 Reasons students love SuperNova Connect & Learn

1. Maintain independence without standing out

Connect & Learn features a mainstream Microsoft Surface Pro. This device is commonly used and so users are able to maintain their privacy and discretion regarding any visual impairments. Often specialist hardware for use by people with visual impairments can be bulky or clunky - this is not the case with the Connect & Learn package.

2. Portable and lightweight – a single package that replaces five common devices

SuperNova Connect & Learn includes all the features and power of a video magnifier, laptop, tablet and book reader in one flexible package. This means there is less to carry between classes and while travelling to and from school. A sturdy backpack is included which can be used to carry your device and other school equipment. 

3. More than learning – play games, watch videos and go online

Take SuperNova Connect & Learn home and once homework is completed, there’s a world of reading, web browsing and gaming at your fingertips!


Download the Whiteboard Wizard App

Empower students with low vision to view and magnify the whiteboard on their laptop.

Download the free Whiteboard Wizard app, so students with visual impairments can connect to the whiteboard, without the need for cables or cameras.

To find out more about the Whiteboard Wizard, please view Whiteboard Wizard FAQs


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