Chapter List

 Exercise 1

The SuperNova Control Panel follows a standard Windows design philosophy. This approach means users can quickly become familiar with getting around the SuperNova Control Panel using the keyboard. Offering both a button bar and menu bar means both users of the mouse and the keyboard can easily get to grips with using the SuperNova Control Panel.

 Exercise 2

You can select Quit SuperNova by using 3 keyboard commands. This is true for both the SuperNova Control Panel and the SuperNova Pop-up Menu.

  1. Open the control panel or pop up menu.
  2. Open the File menu by pressing ALT + F.
  3. Press UP ARROW to select Quit SuperNova.

 Exercise 3

To prevent the SuperNova Control Panel appearing in the Switch To (ALT + TAB) list requires you to select the Hide when Minimised check box. You can find this setting by opening the General menu and selecting Control Panel.

 Exercise 4

You can find out what version of SuperNova you are running by opening the Help menu and selecting the About menu item. The dialog box that opens includes the software's version number, build number, registration information and the end user license agreement.