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SuperNova At Work

Magnification and screen reading technology you can rely on at work

About SuperNova

The SuperNova range delivers a combination of magnification, speech and screen reading technology. It makes workplaces accessible to people with visual impairments and empowers employees who are blind or partially sighted to work productively and achieve their career goals.

We offer flexible licencing to help you find the right fit for your employees, your company and budget and with SuperNova Enterprise, flexible working is promoted by enabling access to company systems with Citrix.

A visually impaired office worker is using SuperNova on a laptop with an external monitor.
A visually impaired office worker is using SuperNova on a laptop in a meeting room.

SuperNova for Employees

SuperNova software range enables employees with visual impairments to:

  • Magnify on-screen information
  • Use alternative, high-contrast colour settings
  • View on multiple monitors, to extend displays and multi-task
  • Access Microsoft Office, Windows Apps and bespoke systems
  • Read printed text via scanners, cameras or CCTV
  • Work at the office or from home
  • Work on a range of Windows devices

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SuperNova for Organisations

When your business employs people with visual impairments and is committed to improving accessibility for people with disabilities, the SuperNova range ensures you have the necessary assistive technology available for all levels of sight.

SuperNova editions

  • SuperNova Magnifier
  • SuperNova Magnifier & Speech
  • SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader
  • SuperNova Enterprise

  SuperNova Features  

SuperNova used on a mini laptop in an office.

SuperNova Enterprise is the only magnifier and screen reader verified as Citrix Ready®

SuperNova on PCs in a busy office

SuperNova Enterprise

If your organisation employs more than one person with a visual impairment, or supports visually impaired users to work from home, SuperNova Enterprise is the solution you need.

Unequalled access to VMWare, remote desktops and verified Citrix Ready®

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Productive Access to Windows Apps

The SuperNova range delivers fast and reliable magnification and screen reading, so employees with visual impairments are able to work productively.

Choose SuperNova to benefit from dependable access to Microsoft Office, the latest web browsers - Edge, Chrome and Firefox - in addition to hundreds of Windows apps.

SuperNova software also magnifies and speaks text from your bespoke company systems, so your employees who are blind or partially sighted have the same access to the digital areas of your business as their sighted colleagues.

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Microsoft Excel spreadsheet magnified on screen.
SuperNova magnification displayed across multiple screens

Display Your Own Way

SuperNova offers you a flexible way to access on-screen information at work. Magnify on a single screen and customise the way you view the information using screen splits, with a range of magnification views or speech settings.

For multi-tasking, you can use multiple monitors – as many as you need – then customise magnification and display settings independently on each, so you’re comfortable throughout the working day.

If you're presenting to others, or prefer to magnify spreadsheets at a different level to your emails, SuperNova offers that flexibility.

  SuperNova Display Features  

SuperNova Supports Multiple Devices

Plug in these devices to access printed documents at work with SuperNova:

  • Scanner
  • Document Camera
  • CCTV
  • Braille Display
  • Interactive Whiteboard

Place printed documents under your camera to view the text on screen with magnification and colour settings. You can also use a scanner to access the built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and then use the speech settings or a braille display to read the content.

The multiple-monitor function and Whiteboard Wizard app also enable you to hold your own presentations, or access your colleagues' slides in a way that suits your sight.

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A paper document being scanned with a document magnifier and SuperNova.
User using SuperNova on a mini laptop in a meeting room.

Flexible Licencing

To ensure SuperNova is affordable and flexible, there are different types of SuperNova licence to meet the needs of your business and its employees with visual impairments.

Single user, multi-user and site licences are all available, to ensure all businesses are able to make their workplace accessible to people who are blind or partially sighted.

When you purchase SuperNova, you purchase licences per user, rather than for a single workstation. This gives your employees with a visual impairment the flexibility to work anywhere in the office space and on any Windows device, rather than being confined to one device or a single desk.  

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SuperNova USB

If you need to use different devices in the office, occasionally work from home or make external client visits – SuperNova USB gives you greater flexibility to work wherever you want.

Simply plug in the SuperNova USB to any Windows device for instant magnification, colour and speech, the way you like it.

  More About SuperNova USB  

A woman in a cafe using SuperNova USB in a laptop.

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