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We recognise that it's the growth in the knowledge and skills of our employees that drive our organisation forwards, keep us innovating and give us our competitive advantage, so here's what you can expect from us:


We've tried to make it as easy as possible for our new employees to get off to a winning start, through our induction programme. It has been designed to quickly familiarise you with our products and services, the internal workings of the company, and the people you'll be working with.

Monthly one to ones

Everyone in the company gets to sit down with their manager every month to discuss what you are working on, review performance and progress, and discuss your development plan . This is to make sure everyone here continues to progress in their current role, and along their chosen career path.

Individual Development

Individual development will be discussed regularly in monthly one to ones, and every year we put together a development plan for the individuals in each department, to support them in their current role, and facilitate their career progression. We have a number of staff undertaking supported professional qualifications, and are eager to support our employees to do this wherever possible.

Companywide Training Initiatives

Sometime we see a need to train the whole of the company in a particular area. This usually happens a few times year, and generally means you'll get to sit in a room and work with some people in the company you don't always work closely with, and learn something new.

Cross Departmental Project Teams

We believe that another great way to develop people is to get them involved in business projects with people from other departments. That way they get to learn more about the way things work in the company, get to know people from other departments better, and also develop their project working skills, and may go on to lead future projects.