Culture and Values | Dolphin Computer Access

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Company Purpose

Dolphin's customers are blind, low vision and dyslexic people. Our purpose is to empower our customers to live in the digital world.

Our Culture

We are very proud of our relaxed and friendly company culture. We encourage our office staff to dress casually in order that they are able to be themselves and be comfortable at work. We also promote a supportive culture where trust and responsibility is devolved to our people. A flat hierarchy, free of unnecessary management levels, and self managed project teams means we are able to capitalise on the skills and expertise of our people and be reactive to change.

Our Values

Our core values were jointly developed by our Directors, Managers and employees, and provide a framework for how we do business at Dolphin and a written expression of what we stand for. Our values act as a guide to those daily actions that guide us toward our goals. We expect all our people to stay true to our values.

At Dolphin we:

  • Put the customer above all else: Our customers are the people who put us in business and keep us there and so at Dolphin, we make sure their needs always come first.
  • Deliver high quality, easy to use, innovative solutions: Through all of our products, services and interactions we aim to strive for excellence, to improve continuously, and to respond quickly to change.
  • Act with honesty and integrity in all that we do: We are committed to maintaining high standards of ethical conduct, promoting honesty and integrity in all of our relationships with customers, dealer, suppliers, and employees.
  • Give people the opportunity to reach their full potential: Our people (you) are our competitive advantage, and our success depends on you. In turn we give responsibility, set goals and support continued personal growth. We are also fortunate to be entrusted with helping our customers meet their potential.
  • Remain profitable: we strive for sustainable profitability through meeting the expectations of customers, and continual product and service innovation.