Image of all the staff together in the sun, wearing their sports kit having played blind cricket.

Make a difference

Dolphin products transform the lives of our customers: students can read text books; undergraduates can write dissertations; staff in all kinds of work settings can fully engage with their jobs; authors get published, and people can be online, pursue hobbies and stay connected with family and friends.

Join an open and friendly team

Everyone at Dolphin has a voice they are encouraged to use. We hope that the open and friendly culture here makes sharing opinions and ideas as easy as possible. Everyone is on first name terms; staff often meet up outside work to play sports or go down the pub together, which makes for a great working environment. We'll do our best to make sure you'll get to know the people you work with really quickly and soon feel a part of the family.

Develop your skills

We develop our people in a number of ways including in house and external training and workshops, project work, professional qualifications. We are always looking for the next product innovation to delight our customers with, so you’ll never be short of a challenge.

Get involved from day one

Working for a smaller company means there are lots of chances to stretch your wings and get involved in projects outside the scope of your everyday role. There are tons of opportunities to get involved with our products and voice your opinions and ideas.

Open communication with Managers and Directors

We understand the importance of open two way communication and feedback in business. In many departments, the manager works in the office alongside everyone else. You’ll also have monthly one-to-one meetings with your Manager and take part in regular team meetings.  If you want to talk to one of our Directors, you only have to knock on their door.

Great work life balance

We understand that work life balance is important, so we are open to flexible working arrangements. Located close to the motorway, Dolphin is easy to get to with none of the city centre traffic to compete with... and you can even wear your jeans to work.

We also do our best to do plenty of fun things over the course of the year such as throw a Christmas party, take a trip to the Worcester Beer Festival, organise an Easter egg hunt and take part in the Worcester Dragon Boat race. We also throw the odd bake off and take part in all sorts of other fundraising activities.