Dolphin Friends Terms and Conditions

Dolphin Friends is free to join and is exclusive to charities and sight loss societies in the UK.

Eligibility Criteria for Dolphin Friends

To join Dolphin Friends, your organisation must:

  • Be a registered charity, located in the UK.

  • Support people with sight loss in the UK.

  • Advise, work with or support people with visual impairments, specifically people who are losing their sight, are blind or partially sighted.

  • Have a computer resource room or assistive technology suite.

  • Demonstrate accessible technology and assistive technology to clients.

As Dolphin Friends, eligible charities and societies receive:

  • A donation will be made twice a year to your society, to the value of 10% of Dolphin software sales made quoting your unique Dolphin Friends Code.

  • Free Dolphin software licences worth up to £1500 for your premises

  • A resource pack, which includes product brochures and Dolphin computer accessories

  • Staff training on Dolphin software, to help you teach clients and service users


Those eligible for Dolphin Friends should:


  • Contact the Dolphin Sales Team on 01905 754 577 and apply on the phone.

  • Complete the assistive technology training course run by Dolphin Computer Access for SuperNova and/or GuideConnect

Eligible charities/societies receive:

On successful application and completion of the training course by one or more of your staff, your society or charity will be issued with:

  • A unique Dolphin Friends Code.

  • A Dolphin Friends Resource Pack. 


The Dolphin Friends Resource Pack contains:

  • 1 SuperNova licence
  • 1 GuideConnect licence
  • 1 EasyConverter Express licence
  • 1 Dolphin Remote Control
  • 1 Dolphin Keyboard
  • 25 GuideConnect Brochures
  • 25 GuideConnect Quick Reference Guides
  • 25 SuperNova Brochures
  • 25 SuperNova Quick Reference Guides

Your Dolphin Friends Code

As a Dolphin Friend, you can share your Dolphin Friends Code with your clients to use when they purchase software with Dolphin.

You may also place orders on behalf of your clients, or purchase additional licences for your charity or society premises using your unique code.

For each purchase of Dolphin Software made, we will donate 10% of the software sales value to your charity when:

  • A sale is processed on the telephone with the Dolphin Sales Team, and your unique Dolphin Friends Code is quoted at the point of sale, or

  • On the Dolphin website - - when your unique Dolphin Friends Code is entered into the ‘Update Coupon’ field, in the ‘Your Order’ section.

To be eligible for the donation of 10%, your clients and/or your society staff must purchase Dolphin Software directly with the Dolphin UK Sales Team on 01905 754 577 or on the Dolphin website and quote your charity’s Dolphin Friends Code at the point of sale.

Dolphin Friends Donations

To receive Dolphin Friends donations:

  • You must be a sight loss society/charity based in the UK

  • You must be registered as a Dolphin Friend and have been allocated your Dolphin Friends Code.

  • The society/charity’s Dolphin Friends Code must be quoted at the point of sale for the donation to apply.

  • We cannot apply the donation or code retrospectively

  • The donation only applies to new software sales of Dolphin

    • SuperNova Magnifier

    • SuperNova Magnifier and Speech

    • SuperNova Magnifier and Screen Reader

    • Dolphin ScreenReader

    • GuideConnect

Donation Calculations and limitations:

  • Donation amounts are calculated as 10% of the value of Dolphin software licences only

  • Donation amounts do not apply to hardware, accessories or any other part of the purchase that is not a software licence.

  • The donation is calculated for new software licence purchases only and does not apply to upgrades to existing software licences.

  • The donation amount does not include VAT

  • The donation amount does not include any delivery costs

  • The donation amount includes Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA), SuperNova Upgrade Programme (SUP) or GuideConnect Premium Plan (PP) as these are included in the sale price of new software licences. 

  • The donation amount does not include any Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA), SuperNova Upgrade Programme (SUP), or Premium Plan when these are renewed or purchased independently.

  • If your software order is cancelled within 30 days of purchase, you will not receive the donation amount.

  • Please note, the donation amount is calculated on sales of Dolphin Software only. If you purchase a package that includes software, we will apply the donation amount to the software part of that package only.

  • Can be used in conjunction with other offers, but the donation value will correspond to the amount paid, not the quoted RRP. See donation values for further information.

Donations are not applied to:  

  • Purchases made without quoting the Dolphin Friends Code

  • Computer hardware such as laptops, PCs or tablets

  • Accessories such as the Dolphin keyboard or remote control

  • Computer packages such as SuperNova Connect & Learn

  • VAT and tax

  • Delivery costs

  • A Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA), SuperNova Upgrade Programme (SUP), or Premium Plan if renewed or purchased independently.

  • Any purchases made through a third-party reseller or Dolphin dealer

  • Purchases made outside of the UK, or for customers outside the UK

  • Charities or societies based outside the UK

  • Retrospective use of a Dolphin Friends Code

Donation Payments

  • Donations will be calculated as 10% of monthly software sales associated with the charity/society’s Dolphin Friends Code.

  • Donations will be processed and paid twice yearly by Dolphin.

  • Donations will be processed by Dolphin and paid using the charity/society’s online donation facility, if available. (eg. JustGiving, charity website).

  • Where an online donation facility is not available, alternative arrangements can be made directly with the charity/society.

  • Dolphin reserves the right to terminate or amend this promotion at any time.

  • Payments will be made at the sole discretion of Dolphin Computer Access.


Donation Values

The amount donated by Dolphin to your society depends on the software licence purchased by your service user. It equates to 10% of the value of each software licence purchased after any other discounts are applied.

Typical donation values:

  • GuideConnect: £54.50

  • SuperNova Magnifier: £35.50

  • SuperNova Magnifier & Speech: £47.50

  • SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader: £99.50

Please note:
These are typical donation values.
They may change if you purchase using a special offer code or other situations such as an upgrade or trade-in.

Best Friends

For societies and charities that have their Dolphin Friends Code used more than 24 times in any 12-month period, there are additional benefits available.
Please contact us to find out more.