We've released version 1.3 of our FREE EasyReader app and it's available to download on the app store now!

We've included new libraries, new translations and some fixes for previously reported bugs.

What's New?

NEW: Addition of two new libraries – LKF (Russia) and ATZ newspapers (German)

NEW: Russian translation

NEW: Turkish translation - thank you to Ömer Yesiltas for providing this

NEW: Updated Italian Translation

NEW: Improved experience for remote control of the reading experience (e.g. headset, Bluetooth, locked screen)

NEW: VoiceOver improvements in the reader – audio ducking brings VoiceOver commands to the fore and quietens the book audio

FIX: CELA download crash – previously some content would crash when downloading

FIX: CELA reading order issues where it would jump to the next chapter when encountering a page number

FIX: CELA users no longer need to add a “CELA_” prefix for logging in. They now only need to use their account number and password

FIX: receiving 2 bookmarks on iPad devices

FIX: Anderslezen library download issue – books which contained ‘…’ in the title would not download

FIX: Crash when logging into a newspaper that had no content on the user account

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