Products for Individuals

For more than 30 years, Dolphin products have been helping people with sight loss and dyslexia. Having a visual impairment can prevent you from doing everyday things that others take for granted. Whether you're a total beginner or have previous experience with computers, Dolphin is here to help. Learn more about the Dolphin products that will complement your sight, suit your experience and enrich your life.

Easy computing for people with visual impairments image

Simple talking solutions

If you need a simple solution to browse the web, read your newspapers, write an email or more.

Magnification for people with low vision image

Magnification and screen reading for Windows

Magnification, speech or braille for your favourite Windows apps; choose a SuperNova edition that suits your visual impairment.

EasyReader for iOS and Android image

Free accessible reading app

The easiest way to find and listen to books and newspaper from your libraries.


ScreenReader image

Screen reader and braille for Windows

Screen reader and braille display support for your favourite Windows apps.