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The RNIB National Talking Newspapers and Magazines service delivers over 230 top publications in accessible formats you can read. 

You can now instantly read the same local and national newspapers as everyone else, with Dolphin Guide. 

Guide: Main Menu, press 1 to send and receive emails.

Narrator: You can have the news delivered direct to you, as soon as it is published, without waiting for CDs or memory sticks to arrive in the post.

Guide: Page 1, brakes put on transport plan.

Narrator: Read your favourite newspaper by choosing option 8, Books and News, from Guide’s main menu, and then “My Newspapers and Magazines”. 

To get started, choose “Add Newspaper or Magazine” followed by “RNIB NTNM”. Sign in with your subscriber username number and password. You’ll only need to do this once.

Guide can list national or regional newspapers. Magazines are sorted alphabetically or by category, so publications are easy to find. If you know the title you want to read, type the first letter from its name and Guide will take you there. 

Guide: East Anglian Daily Times. Eastern Daily Press.

Narrator: When you find a title you want to read, press enter and choose subscribe, then download the latest edition. 

As soon as your newspaper or magazine has downloaded, Guide will start reading with natural sounding voices so you can relax and listen with headphones or speakers.  

Guide: Page 2, Former soldier’s incredible journey from tragedy to triumph. 

Narrator: To start and stop reading, press F8. Skip to the next article by pressing “H” or list all of the headlines by pressing ESCAPE then choose “Articles.”. 

Guide: News, Front Page. Letters. Sport.

Narrator: You can even copy your newspaper to a portable player for reading on the move. Press ESCAPE and choose “copy to device” and you’re ready to go.

If you take a break, Guide will remember your place, and will also get the latest editions automatically. You can resume reading or start a new issue at a time more convenient for you.

Guide: Eastern Daily Press. The fourth of February thousand and 2015.

Narrator: Find out more and sign up to the National Talking Newspaper and Magazine service, from