Meet Exhall Grange School - Using EasyConverter to Create Braille, large print & audio

Meet the staff at Exhall Grange School in Coventry, who talk about how students who are visually impaired, can access more textbooks, worksheets and school resources, thanks to Easy Converter. Find out more by visiting:


Christine: My name is Christine Williams, and I work here at Exhall Grange School, where I am the lead teacher for visual impairment.

I work with subject teachers or class teachers, in terms of making sure that the children have the resources that they need in Braille.

Matthew: My name is Matthew Horspool. I’m the V.I. resources technician at Exhall Grange school. Primarily, the role involves taking work sheets and text books  and converting them into alternative formats.

Christine: It became that teachers were struggling to produce those individual resources.

Matthew: So much stuff in the world is visual. We take it for granted. The number of worksheets I’ve had in that say match the picture on the left with the description on the right, and somehow we’ve got to convert that into a format that a blind child is going to understand. 

Christine: I heard about Easy Converter through the lead teacher for visual impairment at the local authority. He said it’s so quick. He said you can put a document in it and before you turn around, there you got it. 

I did the trail run for, I think it was a month or so, and then afterwards I thought “yeah, I think this is right for the school. Let’s go for it.

Matthew: I think what makes it unique is the range of things it can do. There are other programs out there that just do Braille, or that just do Audio. Where Easy Converter shines is the fact it can do all of it; Large Print, Audio, Braille, very, very simply. 

Christine: The ability to take a complicated resource, like they are in so many school books, and change it into a format that Braillist can follow, I think is great.

Matthew: You’ll be doing a text book, and it’ll say refer to page sixty-seven; well that page is of course in the print book, and in the Braille Book it won’t be page sixty seven. Easy Converter, if you’ve marked up your document properly, will take care of all of that internal page referencing. 

It’s made my life a lot easier. Someone can email something at the very last minute to me, and with a very minimum of editing, I can get good braille that I can then pass onto students, and that’s made a difference to them, because they’re getting braille faster, they’re getting more of it, and that means that they have more equal access to the curriculum.

Christine: There are no activities or resources in that sense, that they’re excluded from. That’s the big difference that it’s made. 

Matthew: A lot of blind students who are moving on to university, it was being recommended to them, because it was something that would allow them to make multiple resources from the same project. And they can make an audio version, and they could also make a large print version that they could follow along with. So if they wanted to check spellings and things, they could do that.

Christine: Any organisations, whole range of them could use it. Schools definitely, offices, government departments, once you got the file, whether its braille, whether its audio, whether its large print, it’s there, ready to be used.

Matthew: Because it’s one package that will suit all of those needs. 

Christine: He said it’s in the name. It does what it says on the tin. 

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