Learn Dolphin EasyConverter - Enhance image in EasyConverter (Part 2 of 2)

Learn How to use the Enhance Image tool within Dolplhin EasyConverter. This is part 2 of a 2 part video. Find out more at https://yourdolphin.com/easyconverter


 Now I can select this is a text zone and go to my second page and draw a text zone around here. So I just want this piece of text and that image. So we have the image zone around there and a text zone around here. Now I am just going to select start OCR. 

 Now I am going to choose save and return and I am going to open this up in Microsoft word before we complete the conversion. We have a nice bit of text at the bottom there and we have our image there. Now this image isn’t going to be much good if its purely for DTB or Daisy as it would just be read out as an image. So what we can do is select it, right click and select format picture. I am just going to click the text tag, and whatever I type in here is going to be read out by the Easy Reader speaker, when you are reading this daisy book. Firstly I could just write ‘picture of plant cell’ and then add all the other information I need to. So I can write nucleus and give the explanation of what the nucleus. I can ad all the text that is in here and as Easy Reader is reading through the daisy book it will actually announce nucleus – this is the cell control centre that directs everything the cell does. And then it will say Vacuole – storage space that stores food water and waste etc and it will keep reading on. So the user is actually getting all the information they need and a nice image that has been altered especially for them.  I can actually see that there is just a bit missing off the bottom there, so I will just make this image a bit smaller, so that everything fits on the page.

 Now I’m ready to save and return and this will convert into a nice little daisy book. It will have a picture with plenty of alt text behind it, so it explains everything that is going on and then just another bit of text at the bottom.

 OK, so you have just seen how to use the enhanced image tool. There are many uses for it and you can get really quick at doing editing on an image. The best way to find out exactly what it can do is to have a little practice. Have a practice with those slider bars, and with the hue and the saturation and the lightness and contrast. You will be surprised by what you can do, quite quickly. Thank you.