Learn SuperNova: Preset Colour Schemes

A guide to SuperNova's bespoke colour schemes. For SuperNova Magnifier, Magnifier & Speech, and Magnifier & Screen Reader. Find out more at <a href="https://yourdolphin.com/support">https://yourdolphin.com/support</a>


Sarah:   SuperNova has twenty-four pre-set colour schemes for you to choose from, each with a careful balance of colour contrast and brightness, to ensure clarity and help reduce eyestrain.

To turn a colour scheme on or off, simply open the control panel and click the colour scheme button from the button bar. You can also turn a colour scheme on or off by pressing left control, and number pad zero.

To change the colour scheme, simply open the control panel, click the colour scheme drop down button, from the button bar, and select your preferred colour scheme.

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